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Experience with medication and/or recomendation?

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Experience with medication and/or recomendation?

Postby TechChick98 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:56 am

Hello! I am new, and am unclear of my diagnosis being schizoaffective or bipolar with psychotic features. :? Though due to this being a question on anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers, I decided to post here. :lol:

List on medication I have taken, with effects it gave **note: I am sensitive to medication**:
Prozac - Caused psychosis, and manic like symptoms
Risperdole - Weight gain, depression
Seroquel - Not sure of the name, but my arm would fling by itself and my teeth would grind
Sulfa -Sedation, maxed out
Latuda - Aneroxic symptoms after 5 months
Klonopin - Memory loss, tolerance built
Lithium - Maxed out my limit at 1800mlg daily, daily vomiting
Abilify - vomiting
Geodon - maxed it out
Zoloft - Manic like symptoms
Trazedon - Depression and suicidal behavior, maxed medication out
lamictal - Was not strong enough, no change 6 months after taking
Zyprexa - (as PRN) It does not work for enough time, does not last and causes me to knock out for hours.

Are there any other medications to try? :| I am getting desperate concerning the psychosis has to be pointed out by other people as "not actually there" now, and I have been unable to attend school for the past week due to staying up till 4-5 am unmedicated unable to wake up till around 1pm. This is a problem as I am in high school, it is becoming a hassle, along with having teachers call me out in class for putting the wrong year (ex: 2016) on multiple assignments and in some cases being unable to form a proper sentence during writing in school assignments.

Any medication that has worked for anyone else?
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Re: Experience with medication and/or recomendation?

Postby lost_horizon » Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:57 pm

Hello TechChick98,

There is a mood stabiliser called Epilim Chrono. In the USA it is called Depakote

As regards the others you mentioned, perhaps the dose was too high.

This is what I am on daily:-

Prozac 20 mg - morning
Epilim Chrono 1,300 mg - evening
Seroquel 75 mg - evening

I have been in this combination for about a year with no significant side effects.

Sorry you're having trouble.
DX: Schizoaffective bipolar type.
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Re: Experience with medication and/or recomendation?

Postby L31 » Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:39 am

My experience with meds hasn't been great, but currently I am taking just 1 mg of perphenazine and a pretty low dose of cannabis. I have accidentally missed 2 days of medication and acted a little crazy. I was taking 4 mg of perphenazine, but the side effects were toooo crazy. I almost quit my part-time job, because I would get so sick and almost faint at work, very physical job, but it helps with the 80 lbs I gained while on Seroquel 50 mg. I swear I had more hallucinations on that medications than when I wasn't taking it. After awhile, I got so fed up, sleeping 24 hours straight, that I would skip a day just so I could stay awake for a little while or get to my doctor's appointment. I was emotionally a mess, as well.

The perphenazine has been pretty good at just 1 mg. I still experience muscle stiffness and spasms. I also am not sleeping on schedule, as I would without meds. I feel like I am crazy all the time, but managing. Definitely not a cure. I would think the medication would help me sleep, not cause insomnia, but I'm working on that. Taking OTC sleep pills, tried the prescription ones, whoa, not ok, Ambien, jeez. I gave 2 of my cats baths then started a fire outside while on it.. I almost feel nocturnal now. I've lost a bit of weight working, but I can't seem to lose what I want. At least, I am remembering to eat.

I don't know what to tell you, I've heard some others mention Latuda more than once. I was taking Lithium and anti-depressants at one point. That did not! go well. I tried ritual suicide. Pretty scary stuff. Were they trying to kill me? I won't take anything but perphenazine now, even though I'm going to question my doc this week about managing the side-effects and help with the pain. I'm not messing with this illness anymore. No more experimenting on me with drugs-go for the tried and true meds, I say. The only problem is I hear that the psychosis can be even worse if we quit taking them. I will never ever feel ok again...I'm only 31. Never even had a chance. My dad committed suicide when he was 55. He had the same thing I did. He never used cannabis, and I think that is the main reason I am doing so well right now. It's really helped calm me down and lift my spirits. A police officer admitted to me that he was dating a schizo and she started to use cannabis and it helped calm her down as well. He actually asked me if I did too. He also admitted that he had to break up with her, because of his job. What a life, stigmatized illness and stigmatized help.

Can i get some love? Onto the next thread...hope i helped. Good luck!
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