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Need help?

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Effects of long term binge drinking, or dementia? Or both?

Does anyone have any insights on the differences you see in a person who has been binge drinking heavily for years, vs a person who has dementia.

And does it even matter which it is.....
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fill in blank: _______ is the root of all evil

I'm going to post this question in a few different forums here on PsychForums. I'm curious to read people's answers in general, and also to see if there are any differences that show up in the different forums.

please fill in the blank in this sentence:

_______ is the root of all evil.
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Magic Mushrooms changed me

In early July, 2013, I did approximately 1.5 grams of psycedelic mushrooms. I was unusually "stable" at the time, so I figured I could handle it.

Yeah, I couldn't deal with it. I was extrenely anxious during the whole "trip". I was seriously considering going to the hospital, but I managed to talk myself out of "insanity".

Ever since the trip, I've been different. My senses are heightened- everything looks more "intense" much like it ...
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Scared: Klonopin addiction

I've been on several highly addictive medicines that I came off of with no withdrawal and little tiration. Abilify works great for me but gives me akthesia (like restless leg syndrome except extreme, I want to jump off a building its soo bad) It doesn't help that the ritalin I take makes my anxiety worse. Klonopin is great for my mood. I take .5 mg about 15 minutes after the ritalin, and 1 mg before ...
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Coming off...

I have a question.

My doctor once told me that if I am coming off a medication, and I experience symptoms, that it is my disease resurfacing, not withdrawal of the medication.

Is this true?
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Why does smoking marijuana make some people nervous?

I went through a phase in which I really liked smoking marijuana with friends. It made me feel better, not worse, and was fun. But at some point that changed and after that it made me nervous and paranoid. Why might that be?

I know this happens to a lot of people, or at least that smoking marijuana affects them that way, so that's why I am curious why. I've never heard an explanation.

I ...
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prescription drug/alcoholism

My 57 year old brother and his wife of 37 years are both severe alcoholics. My sister-in-law has been also a prescription drug abuser for the last 15 years. I am really starting to see that my sister-in-law's abuse
is taking a toll on her mentally. She is trying to scare my brother with talk of suicide if he does not do everything she wants. (he is at her beck and call 24/7). I am ...
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Addiction hell

My name is Joe ive been in opiate addiction hell since I was 18 I am now 28 I cant seem to come to terms that I wasted 10 years of my life running around getting high. I been clean for 3 weeks before that 3 months with many relapses 7 treatments the last being 6 months ago. for some reason I can get clean I just cant stay clean my body craves that high ...
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Hookah smoking

An article warns hookahs are addictive, and that incidence is on the rise partly beause people think hookahs are ot addictive!
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