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Was this the drugs, or something more? thoughts please?

I remember when I was 17, I'm 22 now. I took a gram of mephedrone and poured it in my drink and finished it all in one. I got so paranoid I thought the whole dance floor (I was in a club) were talking about me, laughing at me, calling me names, I'm ugly.. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in the cubicle. The security tried to get me out but I put ...
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Magic Mushrooms ruined my life [Psilocybe & Amanita] *TW*

Before use of these mushrooms, i was a very calm and psychically stable person.
but after eating amanita muscaria mushrooms, while in affect by this drug,
suddenly, without true reason, i decided to commit suicide!
suddenly i started to smash my head into wall, then into floor!!
and when i understood that i will not succeed to commit suicide this way,
i started to scream hysterically like a slaughtering animal.
then my neibhours came and ...
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"cannbais withdrawl psychosis" ?

This might take awhile to read, bare with me.. but thank you to everyone who reads this and helps me!

Well my life of hell started about the first day of november.. I got a really bad sickness (strep) and was dying(not literally) probably the sickiest ive ever been in my life. I couldn't eat couldn't even do anything or hold food down.. This lasted about a month, finally went away thought i was better ...
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How can I find out if shes an alcoholic?

Hi everyone,
I am writing because I am very worried about my partner who i suspect is drinking behind my back... She told me she isnt but i literally cant continue like this, i need to know... so ive looked around and there is hair analyses ive found on this site *mod edit* but i feel its a bit pricy.... Anyone has any OTHER suggestions?
thank you for your help
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Withdrawal from Cymbalta

Can anyone tell me about withdrawal from Cymbalta. I've heard some real nightmares. I have been on Cymbalta for years and have gotten down to 30 mg. but have been having manic episodes and my doctor has discontinued it. I don't know what to expect. I know that it won't be immediate that I probably have 2-3 days before onset but I'm wondering what to expect.
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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post. I have a physical dependency on narcotics. They are all prescribed, but as anyone out there who takes narcotics knows, tolerance builds fast.

About fourteen years ago, my migraines got out of hand. instead of one a week, they were every day. The neurologist had a tech put an IV in and inject some botulism concoction every hour. They admitted me for the ...
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Benzedrex has somehow taken over my life. This is a nasal spray that you can get high off of if you ingest the cotton rod that is soaked with propylhexedrine. I cut the cotton and stuff it in pill capsules. I get an adderall like buzz with my main urge being porn. When I first took it I'd watch 8 hours straight of the most depraved brutal porn. It makes me so horny and I ...
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Been sober for more than a year but had a bit of slip

Hi! So my story is, I'm 28 and I've been abusing drugs and alcohol since I was 13, mostly weed and alcohol, then psychadelics, cocaine, mdma, and others. Kept away from heroin thankfully.

I was a daily weed smoker and a daily drinker for a long time, and my last drugs of choice were LSD and MDMA, it was a good mix for me. So I had a psychotic break in 2012 and was diagnosed ...
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Benzo/Seroquel abuse

I'm worried that I might be abusing drugs (which have been prescribed to me for quite legitimate reasons) in order to cope. I'm autistic, bipolar and agoraphobic, so loud noise, rowdiness, yelling and screaming, revving motorbikes and such drive me right to the edge of what's known in autism as a "meltdown" which can potentially get violent, which I really do not want. Methods from therapy help to a point, but only in the less ...
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Psychiatric help is awesome!

Hi all, I'm a recovering drug addict. I've had plenty of attempts in the past, but this one is going the best by far. I attribute that largely to escitalopram(Lexapro). I fried out my serotogenic system with ecstasy and research chemicals and it made me extremely nervous all the time. Lexapro put my serotonin levels back on par, and it makes me feel much less need to use to get away from the problems of ...
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