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Benzo/Seroquel abuse

I'm worried that I might be abusing drugs (which have been prescribed to me for quite legitimate reasons) in order to cope. I'm autistic, bipolar and agoraphobic, so loud noise, rowdiness, yelling and screaming, revving motorbikes and such drive me right to the edge of what's known in autism as a "meltdown" which can potentially get violent, which I really do not want. Methods from therapy help to a point, but only in the less ...
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Psychiatric help is awesome!

Hi all, I'm a recovering drug addict. I've had plenty of attempts in the past, but this one is going the best by far. I attribute that largely to escitalopram(Lexapro). I fried out my serotogenic system with ecstasy and research chemicals and it made me extremely nervous all the time. Lexapro put my serotonin levels back on par, and it makes me feel much less need to use to get away from the problems of ...
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adderall/valium/weed keeps me alive

only thing that is keeping me alive right now are drugs. i was addicted to adderall when i was 15 now im 21 . benzos werent really addicting to me at that time but now they are. adderall used to give me panic attacks just not too long ago but i took about 30 mg instead of 10 because i was pissed and had to stay up and write a at least 100 paragraph email. ...
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Dust-Off Binge, please help

Hey, last year I experimented with Dust Off a bit.

Anyways, I stopped for about a year but some things occurred that triggered it again.

I binged on 3 cans last night (not a lot compared to some, I know) but overall my brain feels dead and I feel nauseous. Anyone know what I can do to recover quickly from this disgusting feeling?

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It's possible to get High without consuming?

It's possible to get the psychological 'rewards' of drugs or alcohol without consumption? ... 192048.htm

What do you think about this people?
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Share Your Story

At NA we have speakers every now and then. This is not NA, but I'll be your speaker, and if anybody wants to add their story, please do!


I was a complete tee-totaler until the age of 24. I just didn't like the taste of alcohol and where I lived the only drugs available were weed (which I'd have to smoke) and heroin (which you don't really decide to use as your introduction to ...
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Anyone Else?

So I'm a recovering drug addict. I'm lucky to have 25 years total being clean under my belt with 1 relapse somewhere in between.

I do EMDR work with my therapist on Thu I realized the very first moment I became addicted. It's not a memory I had ever repressed or forgotten about but I never connected it to anything until the other day.

It was a shock to my system and to my mind. ...
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Co-Occuring Disorders: NPD and Addiction.

Hi all,

I went into inpatient treatment for substance abuse (oxycodone, alcohol, & benzo) and thought that I was just an addict. While I was in there I learned about co-occuring disorders, and that addiction usually goes hand in hand with something else. This was very revealing to me, while meeting with my primary therapist for the first time, she brought out the DSM-V and started asking me if I identify with any of the ...
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Finally quit smoking after anxiety & depression

So I started smoking weed at about 16, and enjoyed smoking for many years. I would be high nearly all the time, go to class high and get straight A's in difficult classes etc, talk to people with no problems and never had issues with being myself. I smoked just about every single day, and used some other drugs too along the way (fun times, hehe). Anyways, at around age 25 it began to cause ...
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Do you feel...

that marijuana's effects are downplayed by society? I know that the (scant) times i have smoked i've become really violent towards others. I think maybe a prior Dx has to do with this, but even without one or a less extreme Dx the shame of coping with any sort of problems with even marijuana is enough to negatively impact you. Like decrease your self-worth, you can't help yourself but some chemical "helps" you

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