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Sleeping Pills

I've had a pill problem since I was 14 and now I am 24, now addicted to sleeping pills. When I was 14, I took any pill I could find..I took too many Tylenol and ended up in the hospital..My kidneys are pretty bad..

Anyways I take over the counter sleeping pills to detach myself from my emotions. I have increased the dosage by a large amount and I don't know how to stop. Recently, ...
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Addicted to Dopamine

Hello all,
I am trumpetlyfe98, and I have an interesting and awful addiction. I am addicted to dopamine in many different ways, via cell phone usage, playing instruments, compulsive attention-seeking, compulsive seeking of praise from others, sleeping, masturbating, and thinking violent thoughts.

My parents and therapists do not believe me when I say I have a dopamine addiction, even though when I cannot do any of the aforementioned activities, I get nauseous, chills, an intolerable ...
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My story

Hey guys I'm new to these forums, although I have read other threads in other mental health forums before this. I just wanted to tell my story because lately I've been my usual self of isolating and feeling down. Sorry if my punctuation or paragraphing is wrong I'm not the best. Okay my story, growing up my parents were addicted to drugs anything and everything I guess although I don't know the full extent of ...
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Where to go when not negatively affected?

DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate drug use to anyone, but I am a drug user who isn't negatively affected except in the eyes of societal standards. I'd like to use prescribed drugs of a similar nature, but I don't see any way to explain my situation due to strong bias against "abusers." I'm looking for advice! Please read it in its entirety before assuming I'm a drug advocate!


Are there any ...
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It's official.

It's official.

I've been diagnosed with an opiate addiction and •Major depressive disorder, single episode, (moderate)

I'm so scared.
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Non DR. Prescription drugs am I in danger?

I have BPD and Histrionic disorders and my Dr. was giving me 40mg Prozac, 10mg valium and 7.5mg of zopiclone a day.
I am going through a lot of trauma with my mum having two months to live, traveling up to 400 miles a week to see her. I am a single parent with a 14 year daughter with typical unruly behaviour. My new neighbours are excessively noisy and are drug dealing day and night. ...
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How can I help an addict?

Good Afternoon Everyone,

A few days ago my grandmother took one too many pills and had one too many pills for the millionth time. Usually I feel pity, and brush it off, but this time was different. This time she was watching my two year old. His younger brother had to go to the hospital and she offered to watch him. She had been sober for a few weeks, and I honestly thought she was ...
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Relapse after almost 3 years

I began to become suicidal again and I decided drinking myself retarded was better, and have been doing so for the past 2 -3 weeks. I guess being drunk is better than being dead. I've stayed away from drugs, so I guess that is good.

Guess I'll start over soon.
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This is bad bc it's a OTC drug.

First I was taking it to hallucinate and get away from my altered and crazy reality.

Then I started taking smaller doses to control my eating bc my invega makes me want to eat all the time.

Now I'm finding myself back to taking to much n my spare time;(

I guess I need to get serious stop buying the crap and start going to some NA ...
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my weed addiction story

So I'm sitting at my computer on Day 1 of no weed waiting for an eye appointment, and I figured I'd share my story of how I discovered weed and why it made me do the things it did.

All my life up until my senior year of high school, I was the kid who believed weed was so wrong. I told myself I would never do it (even though I ironically started smoking cigarettes ...
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