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clean from heroin 5 years

I was a sloppy lazy user, when my veins went I shot up in my muscles. I never cooked my shot fully and I got abscesses all, I mean, all over my body. Arms, thighs, butt. I had to have surgery to have the dead muscle removed. I can't wear tank tops, short sleeves.. or pants because you can see indents. I've been clean 5 years in December. Three years ago I started hanging out ...
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I just found out my brother is a meth addict.

I've always had a feeling something wasn't 'right'. My brother, who is 22, is a heavy spender. He had a very descent income due to a lawsuit, so money flowed freely for him, yet he was always complaining of being broke. The truth finally came out a few days ago, after the cops were called because his girlfriend was tweaking and trying to kill herself. The cops found meth on her and then asked my ...
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Just a question.

Could someone please explain the difference between alcohol dependence and alcoholism? Thanku in advance.
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Child of a drug addict now I am one.

Growing up as a child my dad was a amphetamine injector and a weed smoker. He was also a dealer I spent many hours of my childhood caring for him when he had either taken too much or had beat someone up over drugs and I saw to his injuries. I was made to care for him while he was off his face from age 8.i was constantly scared he would die at one point ...
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BOREDOM- A significant factor

Is boredom an obstacle in your recovery? If so , how do you combat it ?
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Tramadol, Alcohol, and Chewing tobacco addiction

I need help with these three dangers in my life. After deployment, nothing has been the same. I use Tramadol to somewhat feel normal, alcohol for forgetting what happened, and chewing tobacco to relax. I can't keep going on like this. I am new to this as well. Just wanna see if this helps. I could use any help right about now...
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Cut off

What to do when your doc prescribed you an addicting prescription drug, that actually helps you, but then cuts you off when you're no longer their patient? This particular drug can be dangerous to suddenly stop taking, it would require weaning and even that can be hard (I spoke with a pharmacist about all of this today, who was empathetic).

The pharmacist basically recommended seeing another MD to get more of this drug to allow ...
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Do I have a drinking problem?

My fiancé has recently told me that I have a drinking problem and I am forbidden from having a drink ever again. I have seen 3 separate professionals at different times throughout my life each telling me that I did not have a drinking problem. She insists that I must have given a biased account of my situation. I found this website through google and decided to give my story and receive feedback. My story ...
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Currently struggling with an addiction please read

My name is Mackenzie, and I am not trying to sell anyone anything, I am simply here because I myself am an addict, and am devoting my life to trying to get those help.

I work for a non profit group called recovery society and we help addicts get placed into treatment centers. We work with those who have health insurance and those who do not; but more importantly we are trying to let people ...
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From alcohol to gambling to collecting

I've been completely sober from alcohol for 6 years. While I was drinking; I was co-addicted to vlts. Now that I am sober the vlt thing had been taking over. I find that I can alleviate this by colecting things that I like (in my case small cheap antique type things). My concern is that I might become a horder. Is collecting an addiction? I feel good after buying something for myself...is this a healthy ...
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