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Addiction warning signs? Painkillers

I've been using oxycodone painkillers for less than two weeks, so I know I can't be physically addicted, but I do have a medical condition that gives me chronic pain and I struggle with depression (which has been going better recently) so I'm conditioned pretty well to get hooked on this stuff. I'm typically responsible with my drug use, using many different substances without getting addicted (with the exception of tobacco)
But I've started using ...
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Tylenol PM/Unisom PM addiction

Hi everyone

Been reading some posts, I'm new here. I took Tylenol pm (diphenhydramine) and Unisom PM for about 20 years/ (and NyQuil). It started in college to get good rest for stressful schooling. I took the suggested dose the entire time but it stopped working. So now, and in the last year and a half have tapered way down to no use any longer. I still struggle from insomnia occasionally and thinking my body ...
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A word about substance abuse

A word about substance abuse. The stigmatization and exclusion of drug addicts.
Are we really the only ones responsible for our addictions?

Many of you after reading this post will accuse me of either justifying a thing that should be unforgivable and unacceptable or of trying to present drug addicts as victims without fault, as people deeply wounded who were just trying to numb the pain.
I am doing neither. I am just showing ...
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I Suffer From Addiction To Jenkem

Due to extreme despair, I actually wound up fermenting my own waste matter to get high, out of sheer desperation. I inhale the vapors from a balloon attached to the top of an excrement filled bottle, mixed with my own urine. The gas from the sewage produces an inhalant like high, but I actually have come to enjoy it a lot. I actually have money to afford to drink and all now, but I have ...
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Does My Boyfriend have a problem?

:( I am worried my Boyfriend may be in the early stages of addiction.
He has smoked weed for a few years and this is something that I have never been concerned about as he was in a huge motorbike accident and the weed helps him relax with the day to day pain. He has a very intense job as a tree surgeon so I accepted that ...
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Why how

I am so pissed I got sober before why the hell am I struggling so bad with it now??? Where do I start
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going to die but still cant stop injecting amphetamine.

I inject amphetamine my arms are in a bad way as I've collapsed loads of veins yet my use of drugs increases now I'm injecting amphetamine 5\7 days my dad was also a addict for innjecting amphetamine and as a child I watched him slowly lose the battle now I'm doing the same. Everyone always said i was my daddy's daughter guess its fitting. But I have kids I gotta find a way to get ...
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Helping a family member fight addiction

I am currently living with my boyfriend (27) and his brother (29).

My boyfriend and I are both very active, enthusiastic, sociable people, who enjoy going out, discussing about interesting topics, etc. About 1 year ago, my boyfriend moved in with his brother (29) in order to try and help him become more integrated in society and fight his addiction.

My boyfriend's brother is very quiet, shy, and to be honest socially awkward. He works ...
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havnt drinking

Hawnt been drinkinb for month...but still feel like $#%^ and bit better but not socialycing with people!
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What is the stupidest thing you have done while drunk/high

What is the stupidest thing you have done while drunk/high
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