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This is bad bc it's a OTC drug.

First I was taking it to hallucinate and get away from my altered and crazy reality.

Then I started taking smaller doses to control my eating bc my invega makes me want to eat all the time.

Now I'm finding myself back to taking to much n my spare time;(

I guess I need to get serious stop buying the crap and start going to some NA ...
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my weed addiction story

So I'm sitting at my computer on Day 1 of no weed waiting for an eye appointment, and I figured I'd share my story of how I discovered weed and why it made me do the things it did.

All my life up until my senior year of high school, I was the kid who believed weed was so wrong. I told myself I would never do it (even though I ironically started smoking cigarettes ...
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Rule Clarification For Substance Abuse Forum

In the Addictions forums the following rule clarifications apply.

1. Please treat all members with respect and do not diminish or belittle other members' experiences.
2. Please do not normalise using addictive substances of any sort or promote addictive behaviours when replying to other members or posting in your own thread.

If you are not sure about anything with respect to these rules please PM a moderator to ask.

Thank you

The Mod Team
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Adderral Binges

Anybody currently on a Adderral binge? Or a binge period?
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Leaving Mary Jane?

I'm just coming out of a terrible nervous breakdown and I now think some of it may have
been worsened by MJ with-drawls. (Like wanting to crawl out of my own skin.)
I've had a prescription for Medical MJ and have been using daily for the last three years. (It's not as if I hadn't used it before, I just had a hard time finding it for myself before it was legal here. In my ...
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End of the line - ibogaine?

Hey everyone, you seem like you could at least give me a few words of advice and help me out, because I'm kind of at the end of the line regards to dealing with my opiate addiction.

Let me give you a little background. After a knee injury and an operation, I got prescribed pills. Well, the knee never was going to be the same, and the pills sunk their claws into me. They made ...
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My husband has to hide my script from me Bc I will keep popping them all day long so he gives me one a day it's the only way I can take it and it helps me when I take it right. When I take to much I feel great but then if I really take too much like 280mg then I'm almost in a dream state like I'm floating. After a binge if I ...
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clean from heroin 5 years

I was a sloppy lazy user, when my veins went I shot up in my muscles. I never cooked my shot fully and I got abscesses all, I mean, all over my body. Arms, thighs, butt. I had to have surgery to have the dead muscle removed. I can't wear tank tops, short sleeves.. or pants because you can see indents. I've been clean 5 years in December. Three years ago I started hanging out ...
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I just found out my brother is a meth addict.

I've always had a feeling something wasn't 'right'. My brother, who is 22, is a heavy spender. He had a very descent income due to a lawsuit, so money flowed freely for him, yet he was always complaining of being broke. The truth finally came out a few days ago, after the cops were called because his girlfriend was tweaking and trying to kill herself. The cops found meth on her and then asked my ...
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Just a question.

Could someone please explain the difference between alcohol dependence and alcoholism? Thanku in advance.
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