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Introvert with social anxiety

Hey all, I'm new here! So as the title suggests, I'm an introvert (INFJ on the MBTI test) with social anxiety. (I have generalized anxiety and it carries over into every aspect of my life.) I have a decent amount of friends and still have somewhat of a social life, but I also don't really WANT much of one either. Not just because of the anxiety, but because I'm drained by too much social interaction ...
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Inability to make relations with my students

Hi, I am 29 years old. I am working as a teacher in a college for last 4 years. I never thought of having teaching as profession. I used to suffer from stage fear. So teaching was an impossible to imagine job for me. I have spent most of my childhood alone. i used to spend time reading story books. I used to avoid being in any kind of center of focus. Its only after ...
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Bathroom anxiety

Does anyone else go through this? Whenever I'm out somewhere when I don't know immediately where there's public restrooms nearby I get very anxious. Then I get anxious, panicky, and will need to pee all of a sudden , very badly!
I don't get this locally or even in my state wherever I go by car. But if I go on a trip out of the country , the trip (by plane) makes me ...
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"Just be confident" everyone tells me

... But how?

I have been having the hardest time finding a job and it is all because I have had a series of bad interviews. I am trying to find a job as either a high school or middle school band director (Kind of a crappy job for someone that has social anxiety. Trust me I know, but that's another issue that I'm trying to deal with. For ...
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serious anxiety at work, scared half to death of everything

sorry about my basic english

what to do if you have a sort of panic attack at work, how to explain it to people who are rather ignorant and don't know what it is how it feels like and never before in their lifes witnessed anyone behaving like that and are probably creeped out and completely flabbergasted by all this, how to explain them that.. exactly what caused it, what i was panicking about..

people ...
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Fear of communicating on the phone affecting work


I could really do with some advice on this.

I have severe social phobia (I have severe anxiety: PTSD-like symptoms) which I've only recently learned is almost definitely due in part to undiagnosed high functioning autism, but I do not currently have a diagnosis. SPeaking on the phone has always caused me extreme anxiety and distress because of my difficultlies with communication.

Despite being very unwell and isolated and trying very hard to get ...
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Strong Desire to Fortify Everything?

As in protect myself from the outside world. I have Aspergers and OCD which causes me to fixate on things and desire unusual protection or engage in weird rituals but I have just now realized how I've been driven insane by this desire to protect myself utterly. I never leave the house, I practically imprinted on my bedroom, I literally don't breathe outside air. I have back aches and severe fatigue which I believe are ...
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I cannot laugh or smile for a long time anymore

I am a 25 year old Male. I used to be a funny person and probably the most entertaining person in every group as there were a lot of groups who wanted me to be with them. I was a goofy person and never really felt bad when someone bullied me, infact I used to love it.

All of a sudden one day during a group event while people were trying to make fun of ...
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Social anxiety only with dating or going out drinking?

I've never seen a therapist so I haven't been diagnosed with anything so I'm not supposed to say I have anxiety because people who've been diagnosed get offended. But I have researched it a lot and it describes me perfectly so I think I have anxiety, more so social anxiety. I've always been shy but instead of growing out of it I think I've gotten worse. I used to go out with my friends every ...
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Clonazepam question

Hi people! I've meeting my psychoatrist for the past two months ,he prescribe zoloft and vistaril ,but that hasn't help, i want to know if i just can tell him to precribe me klonopin? He is one of those doctors that ask two question and in four minutes you have your prescription in hand.
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