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MS specialists in UK

Are there any specialists in UK that you can go to for treatment?
Thank you
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Hospital stays and munchausen by internet

It's been five years. I still do this and it gets worse. In my opinion munchausen syndrome is a chronic spectrum disorder, that gets worse as time progresses. It's just not fun anymore, and I feel so paranoid. I used to be so smart, I knew everything about my fake illnesses but now I can't remember any of it, i just keep pressing on without knowing any of my $#%^ and I just don't know ...
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My Experience - newbie

Hey. My name is Rei. This post could be extremely triggering.


Look I'm gonna cut to the chase on this; I want to be sick. I would give anything to contract a serious illness. Even a crippling one. Even a terminal one. If I were to notice symptoms of something serious, I would keep as quiet as possible until it's so bad I have to be hospitalized. I have dreams and fantasies of walking ...
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What happened to me?

Hello, everyone.

I'm kind of in a mess right now, and I would like some help in getting to grips with what happened to me.

It's been 5 years, roughly, that the term Münchhausen by proxy rings in my head. A friend of mine is the first who voiced it to me, after I explained to him what I went through. The description "feels" right, could be argued to fit symptoms to some extent, but ...
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What's wrong with me???

I really don't know where to post this??
I think i have ptsd but i think i have lots of other things too but don't know what they are?I was really sick lots of times,seriously ill with serious illnesses and almost died a number of times,resuscitated...you name it...I have had it. I have flashbacks, nightmares ,my heart beats so fast when i hear an ambulance etc i definitely do think I have ptsd but sometimes ...
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next steps if he is now sick with this

Is my husband's self and doctor manipulated harm intentional or just the result of rigid thinking and severe OCD?

My retired husband for ten years now seems to have reached the point of doctor manipulated self harm on top of his own self harm. A year into our relationship he seemed to suffer from ulcerative colitis and yet not stop severely overeating. A colonoscopy validated his UC. He has admitted to his overeating problem, but ...
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Desperate to know if my daughter could have Munchausen

My daughter is now 18, and has been "sick" at different times for almost 3 years now. She started throwing up once in a while and when I asked what was wrong, she "didn't know," and thought she may have been over heating, which I didn't deem strange because I am sensitive to being overheated and get sick as well. This started occurring more often, and I finally decided it was time to present this ...
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Heart Disease

Last year i tried to fake a thyroid disease taking pills after having gotten a small wrongness in the result exams i had done but it didn't work. in a few months my thyroid got back functioning well again without any intervention.

i felt so disappointed i really had a broke down and i ended up in psych hospital for 3 weeks. that's fine but not what i wanted!

Now its my heart. i have ...
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Think my friend has Munchausen's, family is enabling. Ideas?

Hello, and thanks for reading. I think a friend of mine (more of an acquaintance to me, but close to my best friend) has Munchausen's. Over the last couple of years she has claimed to have had several medical ailments and procedures, and now she's beginning to make medical claims that simply don't make sense, such as getting 40 Botox injections for migraines down the length of her spine, her stomach being twisted for days, ...
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Do I have munchausen's?

I feel that the current shrink whom I have, isn't warm or relatable, unlike some other shrinks. I feel that I need someone to hold my hand, to weather the storms of my life with me. Basically, I have been seeing this new shrink for a while, and he said I wasn't depressed. However, I started to feel quite sad, and spiralled down the rabbit hole. I felt suicidal and went to the a n ...
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