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Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

Burned myself last night... Suicidal thoughts...

Haven't done it in years... Relapsed... Felt good... I'll probably end up doing it again soon... Not sure how else to cope with this pain... Nothing else is working for me... Still having suicidal thoughts... Been thinking about *mod edit* when everyone goes to bed... I love and appreciate the people who have supported me and I don't want to hurt them but I'm feeling increasingly less stable as the days go on... I want ...
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I need help

I have given up. I no longer even try to fight my urges anymore. I know it's bad but it's the only thing that works for anything. I don't know why I'm typeing that I'm just lost.
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Enough *t*

I've had enough and can't take anymore.

Seriously considering what to write as a goodbye to someone.

I feel so low. So tired. So screwed up. Plus so much more

Sorry. Guess I feel broken beyond words.

Thank you ALL for all the support though.

I'm truly sorry

Take care
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My scars are fading and I need more

I have gone 4 days with out cutting an nearly a week without cutting a lot but now the cuts are fading and I want to cut more. I feel like I need to just to feel something. I have had a great week but it doesn't matter I just want to cut. I can't enjoy anything all I do is foucous on my scars and wish they were cuts. Idk what to do.
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I don't want to Heal

I have not stopped cutting and recently relapsed with alcohol. I cut myself that night and now the hospital program i'm in wants me to work on healing the cuts and getting rid of the scars but i do not want to. I know that i am going to cut again when the cuts heal. I want to be able to move back into daily life but i feel like i cant do that if ...
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I'm Scared and Desperate

I have had terrible insomnia ever since my Lyme infection this summer. It gets worse (gets in intense feedback loops) with stress and school. Working on my thesis. I feel like I am destroying my body. Have pulled all nighters and not gotten anything done, just stayed up because I couldn't sleep--numerous nights. It hasn't bumped up my blood pressure a ton yet, but I know it will. I don't want to live like this ...
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Need advice in regarding my Brother

Hi! I am 22 and my brother is almost 16. Yesterday I found out that he's been cutting himself for a year now. He said he feels depressed and that cutting himself makes him feel better.
I offered him my complete help and support, but he doesn't want to talk about his problems. He asked me not to tell my parents. I have to say my mum is extremely anxious.
I don't know what to ...
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i know its bad, but I like my scars? *tw*

So I'm 20 years old and I've been self harming for 5 years. It's gotten rather bad and even though I know it's not a good coping skill and I shouldn't like the scars, for some reason I don't want them to go away. There will be times that I'll go a week or so free of self harm but as soon as I heal I start to get extreme urges and I want to ...
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Tempted (TW)

I started to self harm back in 2004. It was sporadic and then increased to daily. Then in 2008, I quit. I've done it only a handful of times since then. I really want to start again. I am not sure why exactly. I was feeling better than I have in a long time until this past Monday. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist that left me feeling anxious, stupid, sad and angry. Ever ...
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Bill of Rights For Those Who Self-Harm.

I found this a while back and it's full of good helpful information. Whenever I go to the hospital because of cutting I always bring a copy of this with me to prevent misunderstanding. Most hospitals I have found are totally wrong in their approach of those who self-harm. Hope this helps.

The ' Bill of Rights ' For Those Who Self Harm

The Bill of Rights For Those Who Self Harm spells out the ...
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