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Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

New to forum

Just married and my husband will be so angry if I hurt myself again. The stress of a whole new life is so huge that the only thing I can think of sometimes is the relief if I could do this. How do other people deal with this urge?
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low self esteem

I wonder if i ever will be able to love myself.
Its very difficult to love or see yourself positivity when you feel like you deserve nothing , like you are nothing , like you are nothing without others , like you are just an empty body walk and walk and always indifferent .
I have a very boring life not because isnt good from the outside , i think outside might be good but ...
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suicidal, social anxiety, maladaptive daydreaming

I wasn't quite sure if this forum deserved to be on here. But since social phobia is one of my main symptoms, I will keep it on here.

I am not going to be surprised if I will have a personality disorder soon or already do. Little things trigger suicidal thoughts and I have to often keep myself alone, watch various tv shows, and youtube videos to make sure I don't get major depression. I ...
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Can't stop

Hello everyone,
I don't really know where to post this but it seems that I'm in the right place.I have some sort of big problems and I was really hoping someone here could help me. But anyway let's get down to the the point.
I'm sixteen and I live in France, I was raped when I was younger and I can't get over it, since then I'm not able to stop trying to kill myself ...
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self harmed again

nothing makes any sense. i got bpd and i dont know who i am or what i want. the identity issues never end. nothing makes sense anymore.
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is there hope for me?

i am female 33 yrs old from the philippines, i really dont know but i think something is wrong with me. i really have a problem about rejection, i also do self harm just to keep the person with me. is this because i am a lesbian? is it true that when you are a lesbian, its usual for us to be suicidal? my family is not really aware of my sexuality. i deal with ...
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Need to let it out

I want to cut right now. So badly. My partner is driving me nuts. Everything went wrong today. Two weeks of misery and no end in sight. Maybe another two years of #######4. He just got a puppy and she makes him stressed which makes his mental illness flair up which makes me stressed and mentally unwell. It's a house of torment. My best friend is out of town too so I can't even get ...
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How am I going to explain this to my future children?

These scars are permanent tattoos.

Except they're worse than ink tattoos because they indicate emotional distress, self hatred, and self cruelty.

I don't have any children yet, but I can't hide my scars forever. One of these days, maybe after a shower or when I'm changing, my future children will see my self harm scars and ask me how I got them.

What am I going to say? I did them to myself because I ...
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Had scars since I was 14 and I hate them.

Hi everyone,
I was just looking for some advice. When I was 14 I cut myself, I think I only did it about twice in total but I'm now 24 and I still have the scars, I hate them. They are on my forearm and I feel like they are quite obvious, they make me so self-conscious and constantly anxious that someone will see them, ask about them, bring them up in public etc. I ...
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Death *t*



Dead on the inside. Want to die so desperately. I want to be dead
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