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Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

Starving as a form of self harm? Poss ED TW

I've not really directly harmed in two weeks... But I am starving myself..
I started taking citalopram (celexa) about a month ago... Its made me nauseous and completely turned me off eating... I've always really seen food as simply nessasry... But I've decided I want to see how long I can go without eating which I know is not good. I'm quite enjoying the feeling of hunger.
Breakfast has always been massively important to me, ...
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I miss it- I think I need it but I'm scared-

I deserve this don't I?
If I didn't it wouldn't make sense...right?
I haven't self harmed in a while and I hate it. The thoughts they don't decrease they never stop. The more I repress them the larger the suicidal thoughts become. I want more pain. I need it. I deserve it. Don't I? I am ###$ up, and lost. I'm hurt and alone. No one listens when I need them to. They're tired of ...
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I'm NOT Ashamed of My Scars!

I'm Not ashamed of my scars.
I don't try to hide them. Hell I don't really even both hiding the cuts.

People stare. People give me nasty looks. Look at me with disgust and horror. Alarmed, Offended... And So on. People can stare all they want.

I'm just trying to get attention? H*LL NO! I honestly hate attention. But I don't give a d*mn if people stare, they can think whatever they want. I Do ...
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Another place to talk and be heard

*mod edit*
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I don't know

I like to know what is happening with me. I'm a very curious person by nature and I've always used facts to comfort myself, odd as that may or may not be.

So I want to be able to categorize what is going on in my head. Which its been a lot, for months now. I haven't been on in awhile but in a short summary, I am pretty sure I have had MDD since ...
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I am garbage

I hate myself.

I am so disappointed with myself. I could do well in school, but for reasons i don't know i have written bad exams despite knowing everything. I mean i knew all the answers and then i didn't have enough time and got under stress and then i wrote wrong things onto the paper. And then 2 minutes after the exam the right answers came to me again.

Now i will never get ...
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40 and cutting and more. trigger

not sure what i'm doing here i am legally blind and hurting myself. and I am ""old"

i am probably on some wrong sum forum
I've hurt myself (outside of psych) and am so desperate after my cat died i have ripped myself apart.
My arms aren't a few marks, they are a huge i took a hammer to my arm as well.

has anyone else done this over the loss of a pet? i ...
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Steri-Strips question

Yesterday I went to A&E after feeling suicidal. While there they cleaned and put Steri-Strips on a few of my cuts from earlier that day. Just wondering how long do you keep them on for? I think the nurse said something about them but i did not fully hear her as I was tired(this was at 3am).
Thanks for any answers in advance.
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Really wanting to SH

For years i hadnt self harmed. At least 12. I ended up doing it once last year and the thoughts have been stronger ever since.

I am going through a lot lately and its a year next month since my mum passed away.
The tip of the iceberg tonight has been my 6 year old sobbing that he wants to live with his dad. I know not to take it personally but my thoughts have ...
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One year without cutting myself

I don't know if anybody remembers me because I haven't posted here in a while, but I just wanted to let everyone know that's because I haven't cut myself at all in over a year this month! I also want to give anybody who's trying to quit hope that you can no matter how hard things are for you right now. It is always possible to improve your situation in life and always possible to ...
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