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Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

In danger of relapse after 7 years

I haven't SId since my last hospitalization in 2010 except for some minor pinching, hair pulling and hitting in the past 6 months. Few and far between though. But now I find myself fantasizing about cutting every night. I don't feel emotional when I'm fantasizing about it. It's like I just miss it. It helps to talk to the crisis line but it seems strange to call when I don't FEEL in "crisis" I'm just ...
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Relapsed after 2 years. *TW*

I hope it's okay that I'm posting here. I read the rules and hopefully this post is within acceptable parameters, I'll edit/delete immediately if it's inappropriate, I tried to be vague in my descriptions and avoid anything graphic.

I just really need to talk to someone right now. It's narcissistic and awful I know haha... but I've been lurking around this forum for a couple of days and it seems like the easiest way to ...
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Might be very triggering

Hello dear "psychforums"
My name is lovelyrita and I have created an account just to discuss my correct problem. I guess this might be "triggering", I might not use this term correctly, as I am not a native english speaker or understand fully how other sufferers precive things.

I have a very weird problem...
Ill start with some background: since I've been 15, I got into a hospital because I had anorexia. I always had ...
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I bite myself when I feel overwhelmed with emotions

For some reason, I can't stop biting myself on the arms. It began when I was 16, and I thought it was going to stop once I got into college, but it has just continued.

When I was a teen, I did it to release feelings of anger towards myself or my parents or situation, as I was sheltered a lot. When my parents found out, my dad was really angry at first, but then ...
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Didn't Really Know Where to Put This

So, I'm asking a super broad question here, and I don't know if it really applies to "grief and loss".
I'm a recovering drug addict, and "self harmer". But, I personally think that my situation may take a place in the "weird" or "unique". I don't know how many of you are familiar with the drug DPH, but if you are, you'll know what I'm talking about. I abused DPH in order to make myself ...
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Not sure how parents will react, but not sure if it matters

So I've been self harming for the larger portion of 5 years (15 when I started, 20 now) and back within the first year or 2 my mom found out. She flipped out (kind of understandable from someone who can't really understand it) and wanted to send me to all sorts of counselors and therapists and such.
But I just told her I stopped even though i just started doing it on my legs and ...
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I am Bad

I am selfish and hypocritical and useless. Nobody needs or wants me around. I get upset at others for or tell them not to do things that I do all the time with no intention to stop. I don't care about how what I'm doing affects others. I really don't see why it should. I don't understand. I think I mostly don't get how people can care about me, but it irritates me even though ...
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Why did I chose this type of self harm?

I was wondering if anyone had thought through the different methods of self harm before choosing one, then doing it?

I am 40 yrs old, a mother and married for a long time. I only started actively self harming 2 years ago. I don't cut and believe I will probably never cut. But the methods I have chosen have left me with long term health issues.

I am just confused as to why it started ...
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Please help

I am a teen who self harms, my parent don`t know I self harm and I'm not ready to tell them yet. In a few days I have to go swimming with my family and they're going to see my cuts. I've tried to get out of it by telling them that I feel ill but it's not working. What do I do? Please help! I really don't want them to find out.
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Nearly killed myself & got sent to the ER *TW*


Well, I overdosed on perphenazine (antidepressant) and had a spasm. It was terrifying. It wasnt immediate becaude my mom gave me some sleeping pill with benadryl in it to help me sleep, but if she hadn't, it might have killed me via cardiac arrest. It was a stupid reason for nearly killing myself, but I did have a lot of other stuff racked up on it. I also cant stop cutting or starving ...
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