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You are entering a forum that contains discussions of abuse, some of which are explicit in nature. The topics discussed may be triggering to some people. Please be aware of this before entering this forum.

Do you Resent the Non-Abusive Parent for NOT Protecting You?

My abuse by Narc father and Borderline/Narc mother is well documented here.

My Narc father is evil to the core so not a complex persona to analyze. My mother, OTOH, defended me at times from my older sister -- but abused me herself and ganged up on me with the rest of them at other times. Ergo, her persona is more complex and I have conflicting/mixed feelings about her.

My understanding is that it is ...
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It's catching up to me now

I'm a 30 yr old gay male. Nineteen years ago I was taken away from my parents because I finally spoke up about the 8 years of nearly every day physical, sexual an emotional abuse with a religious slant and a hefty side of neglect. I was emaciated at the time, and my clothes were stuck to me from dried blood. I often spent weeks without food and was pulled out of school so my ...
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I'm Freaking Out. Someone help?

So, I run a tumblr trauma blog. Yup. Let's get past that cringe.

I was reading my about page, looking at the history I have written down.
Sexual abuse, bullying, etc. A general glimpse at my past.
Then I got to the abuse done by my father. I put the ages it happened around; 9-Present.

I do not remember being abused at 9 years old. But I do know it wasn't a mistake putting that ...
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I Had a Severely Religious, Abusive Father with Aspergers

I'm an adult male in his early 30's that grew up with a very physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive father. He was never diagnosed, but when examined, clearly possesses the characteristics of an adult with Aspergers Syndrome. On top of that, I was raised in a very strict Mormon household. I'm convinced the structure and teachings of the LDS church about enforcing discipline upon your kids as the patriarch of the family fueled an exponentially ...
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So uh. I don't really know if this counts as abuse or not. Sorta, kinda, I don't know. It has to do more with parental neglect. I don't really want to put my life story here so I'm going to try to leave out unnecessary bits.


When I was in elementary school, my mom and dad lived together and were married. However, they were barely ever home because of their jobs, and I had ...
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Not sure if I belong here

Hi, I'm not completely sure whether I'm entitled to post here or not, but I feel that I need to talk to somebody.

When I was 6 years old, a child molester forced me to keep watch whilst he abused my little sister. He threatened me to ensure my silence and I saw things no boy should see.

I told my parents afterwards, and the individual was identified. I'm now almost 35 and I am ...
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Not sure how to handle him

My boyfriend was physically/verbally/emotionally abused by his father until he left the house at 18. Any contact since has been more of the same and he's 50 now. My question to you is this: When we were just "friends" he was very nice, never once said anything to me that could hurt my feelings and if he did have something to say he would choose his words very carefully. This went on for close ...
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Another stupid poem from me (TW)

A Broken Spirit

We've all got troubles, we've all got stress,
Some hide it better than others.
I'm guessing that they didn't have
Hoarding, abusive mothers.

How do you grieve for a parent
Who isn't even yet dead?
It makes me feel even more
Crazier in the head.

I tell myself my loving mother
That I never had,
Is in a grave 6 feet under,
Missing me so bad.

And then I see my real ...
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Got approved for disability!

For anybody dealing with PTSD, a personality disorder, etc, as a result of their childhood abuse, and have applied for, or are thinking of applying for disability, don't give up hope! I applied last December, got denied in March, and fully expected to have to go through a 15-18 month appeal process. However, my wonderful therapist told me about something called "reconsideration", where basically your case is reviewed by a different person at SSA, but ...
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Target Child / Scape Goat Child Abuse

I have to say when I selected my user name of "ScapeGoatChild" I was surprised it was available. I am a 56 year old woman who was chosen by my narcissistic parents to be the Scape Goat of the family. Scape Goat Child Abuse or Target Child Selection is I believe; the most common form of child abuse because it is the easiest form of abuse to get away with. We have all heard the ...
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