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A pwBPD trying to be more BPD


I was wondering if I'm the only one like this. Right now I believe I'm slightly less BPD than I used to be a year or two ago (thanks to my own efforts), and it's freaking me out, because if I'm not BPD, what the hell am I? So I'm considering making my BPD traits more prominent, which would basically be doing the opposite of what I've been trying to do in order to ...
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Do I have BPD?

I joined this forum only today because I need some help here. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder just over a year ago but I believe I've been dealing with it for at least four years. CBT, fluoxetine and other treatments have done absolutely nothing for me and I've been gradually getting worse. I attempted suicide through overdose in July of this year and stayed in hospital overnight. But no other help has been ...
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BPD - a couple of issues (TW?)

Hi everyone. Not sure if I should say this is triggering because I find all sorts of normal things to be extremely upsetting so I decided to put it in the title anyway just in case anyone is feeling extra sensitive. Please bear with me because it's very hard to express what I'm actually feeling when I write it down. Also sorry if this gets long, I promise I'll try to keep the post interesting ...
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Rage; Borderline traits vs. HSP vs. fragile narcissist

"HSP" being the abbreviation for "highly sensitive person". Discussions like this have been brought up before, but this one in particular hasn't. Both are apparently prone to anger or even rage if they become hurt by the hostility of others, but for different reasons.

HSP is mostly just about being a 'sensitive human' in general who responds with rage when they have bottled it up for too long; fragile narcissism is characterized by hypersensitivity and ...
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BPD mother, daughter and ex-husband

I am 43 and found out recently that I was diagnosed as borderline when I was 17 and no one ever told me. I knew I had depression and anxiety over the years and that I was terrible in relationships, but wasn't sure why. I only found out because I requested my psych file after my 16 year old daughter tried to kill herself last spring.

It has been a few months processing all of ...
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Looking for some advice to help my BPD ex.. Need help.

I broke up with my BPD girlfriend of about 3 1/2 years in March. We had been living together for a year, and not long before our lease was up, I was at my wits end with her behavior and broke up with her while she was in inpatient mental health.

I won't go into the details of her behavior, because you all know how these people are and I don't need to reiterate and ...
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when do u know you've healed

i think my symptoms have faded but they're still there. or maybe i dont know and its just a phase where the mood swings will reappear soon.

does chameleon behavior ever go away and will it be like an awakening within me, like i'll wake up one morning and be, 'yes, i am free!'
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Is this BPD?

I think I might have BPD and am not sure if I'm just overthinking it or what, but the idea of it doesn't scare me--it more makes me feel relieved that there could be a reason behind why I act the way I do. Understanding something gives a way to overcome it. Someone I know has BPD and they seem similar to myself; here are a couple of things I've noticed. I'm seeing a therapist ...
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Rejection Issues

Hi Guys,

How do you deal with painful rejection issues?
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I'm questioning if I have BPD as I match most of the "criteria" for diagnosis, but I'm concerned about misdiagnosis as it's sometimes confused for bipolar disorder or being on the spectrum of bipolar disorders. My mood swings don't last as long as those of a manic depressive as they fluctuate within the hours or in days compared to longer amounts of time. I'm trying to go back to my psychiatrist for untreated dysthymia, ODD, ...
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