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Newbie with questions

Hi Everyone!

So after a long long time of wondering what was wrong with me at 25 I have finally been diagnosed with BPD. This as you all know is a bit of a double-edged sword, and I am both relieved and saddened at the same time. My main issues lie in abandonment, impulsivity, rejection - perceived or actual and obsessive attachment/communication issues. I was wondering if any of you guys have any advice on ...
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what's the point...

i'm fed up, loneliness is killing me
all i have is extreme hatred towards my past bullies...i hate everyone, i really dont care about anything anymore...

pray to die soon...it's very painful and when i see no hope, i wonder what's the point
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My stepsister is obsessed with her (ex) husband

My stepsister filed for divorce from her husband over a year ago but she is clearly obsessed with him.

Every family gathering she talks about him nonstop. Obsessing and analyzing over every detail of their interaction. Its highly inappropriate for our family meetings. We should be happy, lighthearted, but she starts in on the man she filed from divorce from, starts crying, and can't stop obsessing and talking about him for hours.

I'm sure its ...
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What does recovery look like?

In our community, we talk about recovery...a lot. And it means different things for different people. A lot of people do therapy and DBT, etc, but I think that personal experience plays a huge role in recovery as well. Self actualization, if you will.

For those who are legitimately in recovery and have seen some monumental progress and improvement in your lives and relationships, what steps did you have to take to get there? What ...
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Burning bridges, rebuliding

While I'm not a raging borderline, I'm not a quiet borderline, either. I have emotional outbursts. I overreact. I get paranoid. I have distorted thinking patterns. I am draining and needy. It's easy to hide these things from people for a long time (I can pretend to be normal for quite awhile), but eventually it comes out. I push people away. I've lost a lot of friends over the past year or so because of ...
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Haunted by my Friend's Death *Trigger Warning*

My friend had a psychology and a law degree. She was brilliant. She also had Borderline Personality Disorder, just like me.
She took her own life earlier this month. I wish I could say it came as a shock to me, but it didn't.
She was 20 years older than me. Her family had a lot of money, so she got the best mental health care a person can buy. but still, her BPD got ...
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I have no idea what to do with myself. Prozac?

My psychiatrist put me on Prozac a couple of months ago. I also take Trazadone, which works for me. I was on Zoloft before, but it made me manic and dizzy. I've always had suicidal idealizations, but I've never cut and I've only attempted once. Prozac is making think about suicide all day. It's all I think about. I even went so far as to cut my leg last night, something I have never done. ...
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Pessimism/Cynicism from bad experiences *TW*

I avoided relationships and social interaction throughout most of my teenage life. I've only been in two close relationships so far (which both broke apart around 2 weeks ago..almost at the same time) and in both I was preoccupied with fears/insecurities whether or not I am being valued as much as I valued the other person. I was more involved in the relationship as a whole and seeked more intimacy and approval than my partners ...
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Disabled and want to go to work


I have borderline PD and Bipolar. I've managed to get through college (with a lot of major switches), and I'm trying to get into the workfoce. The problem is that I've never sucessfully had a job without becoming overly emotional and eventually losing my composure. I'm 28, and this is a major source of concern for me.

Have any of you had to make the transition between disabled to high-functioning, perhaps at a late ...
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Hi I am new here. I am not here because I have been diagnosed with bpd, but because i think it might be the right place.

12 days ago I tried to commit suicide with some serious determination. I have struggeled so long with feelings of being empty, hollow and being a horrible person to a point where I simply decided that I want no more of it.
Evidently I failed desipte a lot of ...
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