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Is this Normal? Emotionally Void..

Lately my emotions have been all over the place, especially with feeling no one wants me around or would rather be doing something else instead of being around me. For instance, they'll invite me over and then leave me in a room by myself for hours on end. But sorry about the ramble. I wanted to ask, isn't normal to feel emotionally void from someone you love? Like you literally fall into a pit where ...
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This is very crippling... Don't know what to do?

I don't know for sure if I have bpd but it fits me too well. The thing with the black/thinking & idealization/devaluation, I'm doing that with my older cousin. I've always felt attached to people but I never really let it showed. I've wanted to express all my love for them but I think I've had the subconscious fear that people didn't love me as much & they were going to leave me anyway. For ...
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Not Able to go to Work Today

Each day I am finding it harder and harder to cope. I missed work again today, as I did 2 weeks ago today. I get literally sick to my stomach. The crying won't stop. The anxiety and grief is unbearable. My job is very stressful. Sometimes It helps to be at work. Today, no, I just couldn't do it. Some days I just cannot. Today was one of those days. I am so afraid a ...
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New to BPD? High functioning and OCD? HELP?

Hello Everyone!

I am looking for some help from you guys! Recently diagnosed with MILD HIGH FUNCTIONING BPD. Recently lost my job and SO. I have been experiencing the severe mood swings and attachment issues, with OCD as well (Intrusive thoughts ect.)

My diagnosis didnt come as a surprise to my friends, who know me well. I have pretty extreme mood swings, issues with attachments, I can be reckless and have periods where I feel ...
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High functioning BPD creating constant chaos-help

**may be a little long-may trigger**
I'm a long time lurker here, but I feel the need to reach out tonight as my friends and family just don't really understand the horror and deep emotional pain I experience on a daily basis.
I'm not going to into all the lurid details, but I have always had a great job, done well at work and am still in school. I am a mother, a partner and ...
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I think I have BPD *triggers*

Oh god, I'm just so mentally tired and worn down right now, but I really need to share this with someone, so I'll try to muster the energy to sum up my life up to this point and the reasons I suspect I'm suffering from BPF.

Ironically, I'm a psychology student. But I'd never heard of BPD until we learned about it not long ago at the university (I'm not american/english, I'm from another European ...
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I'm a Liar.

Hey so,

To start off...totally my first post. Long story short, I'm a 24 year old woman who was "diagnosed" as being a BP when I was about 18. Which is young I know but let me tell you, my friend...the disorder has certainly come into its own these past 12 months.

Essentially all of my issues centre around romantic situations...or prospective romantic situations, the classic pattern of, idealization...then totally paranoia and either they get ...
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to males with BPD

Did you see many therapists before getting a Dx?

Im having trouble understanding how I have been perceieved by most mental health professionals.

Looking back on all my sessions:

Was told to socialize at 6 because I was an only child.

as a child tested and not ADHD. Possibly assumed Psychopath I guess.

Seen by a school councellor, she called in a student psychologist to see me, got given good advice but did not take ...
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when people don't understand

Ok today I talked to a friend through text messages about my issues and she said it all stems from the need to be in a relationship. The funny thing is that....it's the exact opposite of what she thinks. I don't want to be in a romantic relationship. Having feelings for someone is exactly what causes my problems because the pattern is:
Infatuation > Idealization > Devaluation when my expectations are not met and fear ...
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Invalidating Nightmares :/

Oh God, why?

I'd like to know if I'm the only one who goes through this.

Sometimes I have bad dreams, where a certain person (usually someone whose opinion I value way too much for my own good) would continually disagree with and/or reject me no matter how much I argue, fight or plead. It makes me feel desperate and like absolute sh*t. Then the dream slips away and for a few seconds I actually ...
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