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Being helpful/supportive versus being yourself

I feel like there's a natural tension between those two things. Or rather, sometimes I'm in the mood to be altruistic and self sacrificing and sometimes I'm just in it for myself: for entertainment, for gratification, for attention, etc., and I really don't give a ###$ about anyone else.

I realize that this is an identity issue but I'm curious...

Do other pw/BPD struggle between being a basically good, conscientious person and being basically selfish, ...
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What Are Your Opinions On My Mental States?

Greetings to everyone in the BPD forum, Just to clarify & make things clear, I AM NOT SEEKING A DIAGNOSIS! I am fully aware that only a certified, ‘professional’ psychiatrist can make a diagnosis. However I would like to get the honest input of others regarding the details below. I posted this in the general section and a helpful user recommended me to post here.

I am a 19 year old male whose currently a ...
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Can someone with BPD steal my identity?

Me and my twin, both 17 of age just now became very close last year 2016: always together, nearly 24/7. I initially had a more secure sense of self, and didn't have DP/DR (at least not knowingly). They become very sensitive, and critical to self/others during this time (SHARED the same room so had arguments and fall outs everyday for months.

Anyway, back to the point. Now a year later I feel I am lost, ...
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How do you cope?

At times I am faced with bad news or unwanted situations and I overreact and blow it out of proportion. I often feel absolutely helpless and like everybody is out to get me. Not sure at times how to remind yourself how you feel is just BPD and how to calm your self down.

What does everyone else do in times like these?
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Can't think of any reasons to go on living.

I'm fed up. I have nothing going on in life. I can't move forward, and everyday is worse than the one before it. I don't have the fortune of coming from a good family. I've had to do everything myself, with no financial help, no support, and now I'm really stuck. Throughout my life I have seen others receive handouts and help to get them through the hard times. Seeing my friends get cars bought ...
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Am I Toxic?

I've just discovered this forum after being diagnosed with BPD on Thursday during a week-long stint in a psychiatric unit. I started an outpatient program, and I've done quite a bit of research on my own, at least the online kind. Medications are making it tough to stay awake long enough to read either of the two books I've bought.

I'm concerned by BPD being called a "relationship disorder." I understand the rationale, given the ...
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I think I have BPD

I think I have borderline personality disorder. I'm 22, and I've realized I may have BPD within the last 3 months. Within the past year my boyfriend and I moved in together, and that's when my "symptoms" (quotes bc I haven't been diagnosed) started to appear - or I guess I should say that's when they started to affect my life significantly. When I get into a mood, I completely shut down. I pick fights ...
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Bad memories

I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm 21. I am losing my appetite more and more lately. Every time I think I forget I am reminded of all of my terrible mistakes. I've hurt my family in the past by going straight to the bottle of pills, etc. Got into a situation of domestic abuse where I was the abuser at times. God, I miss that life still. I ended up in psych wards, then prison. ...
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How do you choose your persona?

For those who have experience with changing masks:

Where do you find the inspiration for your new mask? Do you prefer roleplaying fictional characters, real people, or your own characters? What do you look for in a mask?

My previous mask wore off within a couple of months I think, I'm bad at being consistent. She was a cute, cheery ditzy girl, I forgot who I based her on.

Posting this in aspd/npd/bpd since I ...
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Panicking about S/O going out..

Hi all...

As i've mentioned in this particular forum before, I'm undiagnosed but strongly believe I exhibit strong signs of BPD.

My boyfriend recently turned 21. Every time he goes out (without me considering I am still 20) I turn into nightmare. I get this feeling in my body that I can't fix or cope with...I try to do thinks I enjoy like painting or practicing music but nothing helps. Today he told me he'd ...
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