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Oral contraception

Hi I'm curious as to whether anyones symptoms got worse with oral contraception. I noticed this with my two uBPD exs and along with a few other things I'm starting to think oestrogen may have an impact.

Your thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.
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Wow I'm finally doing this and posting on here..

Hello everyone. I've been a lurker on and off for years and now I need support.

I'm pretty sure this topic has come up a lot with regards to relationships (romantic/ intimate). But I NEED to find an answer. This splitting thing is ruining my life and has ruined my life. I cannot in any way, shape, or form get past the obsessive thinking in my ...
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New here--looking for advice

Hey everyone, I am new here to the forums and newly diagnosed. I have been browsing the forums here tonight at work and must say that I love the relationship ya'll have :)

Anyways, I guess I am looking for some advice. I am a 24 (male) and gay. I can remember from the very first relationship that I have had, I have been that clingy guy, ...
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How can I have healthy friendship with a pwbpd post breakup?


I'm a new member here. I would love to hear perspectives from both sides (non and pwbpd). I hope someone will talk to me here and not judge...

I was in a relationship with a guy (diagnosed BPD) on and off for 3 years. We had 3 major NC episodes and many minor ones. I always try to learn different resources on BPD and see a therapist to better equip myself to manage this ...
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Service Dog

I am wondering if anyone has experience with using a Service Dog to assist with BPD. What types of tasks were they trained for? Was it effective? Is it common for Service Dogs to be utilized by people with personality disorders?

Any info/insight would be greatly appreciated.
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BPD with NPD boss

I'm wondering about BPDs working for NPDs. I work for an N and it's really wearing on me. It's been almost five years, the last two being the worst. I went on leave in late 2014 and it's never been the same after that. He felt like I abandoned him and he took it really personally, not showing any concern for how I was doing (I had a breakdown when my mom was sick and ...
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problems with intmacy

I have problems with intimacy, specifically physical contact is where it causes problems. A part of me screams in my head in panic things like "get away, get away." or even begging for help or to stop. this also relates to boundary issues as a lot of the time i am pushing away to prevent feeling like we're "one person". or having merged identities. This is towards anything sexual or romantic and the male gender. ...
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Fear of abandonment grown from underdeveloped aspects of the


It's like a part of me still sees myself as a child needing to be taken care of, fearing of the day her mother will die and won't be around anymore. Why do I see myself as inferior, more fragile, like an underdeveloped child in an older person's body?
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Well i know everyone can identify with this.

My paranoia right now isnt letting me differentiate between whats real and not real..I got on an Uber for the first time and I asked the driver about the job because i was interested...he asked me my number to send me a text with the info, now he knows my number and knows where i live A TOTAL STRANGER...I feelso stupid ...
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BPD at work


so... I have a bpd co worker and she was in therapy back then told me one of my colleagues. She paints me black from time to time and tells lies and bad things to my boss. For example:

I am very strong and self confident when it comes to managing customers and she tells others that I am scaring them off which in reality diddnt happen but she makes it look like it ...
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