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I feel like I'm been taking crazy pills!

I'm hoping that someone else can relate to this feeling. It's the most bizarre and jarring thing to realize that your sense of reality was really just your brain warping things to be the way it wanted them to be and not how they really were. I feel incredibly confused and honestly a bit terrified thinking about just how convinced I was that my sense of what was happening was right.

To explain, I broke ...
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I feel as though I'm floating through a cosmic void of uncertainty. I could drown in the sadness I feel today, the root cause if which is the fact that I do not know who I am. Haven't a clue. I suppose I am what you'd call an anxious wreck. I know nothing about myself aside from my height, weight, looks, and birthday. Knowing my gender? I laugh at such an idea. Knowing my name? ...
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I'm really starting to think I have this

Mainly because I'm highly sensitive, very moody (although that's bipolar) and I have a severe identity's a gender identity issue that I've been struggling with...I don't know, I'm just really worried and want answers so I can be treated correctly
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Hi, new here

Hi. I have been dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, loss/grief, abandonment, eating disorder, ptsd and disassociating for many years but somehow I've just been dx with BPD as of yesterday. Well, truth be told, a different therapist told me that once and I stopped seeing him because I was so sure he was wrong and I was offended. Anyhow, I do trust my current therapist and I suppose he is likely right but I'm ...
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Does it sound like BPD to you?

I've noticed a worrying pattern in my life and recently I became more and more interested in BPD and when I read about people's stories, it sounds a bit like me. I want to start a therapy and maybe bring up this topic but unfortunately I have to wait a long time. I know no one can diagnose me here but I need some advice. I wanna know what other people think about. I'll try ...
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How do you like to get physically active?

How do you like to get your physical activity in? Do you run or lift or bike? What do you do to get your endorphin rush on?

Exercise is a big part of DBT in the PLEASE and TIPP skills and even if you aren't a DBT follower like me, science shows that physical health is a big part of mental health, so I thought I would get some extra motivation to stay physically active ...
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Do you agree?

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Job advice?

Hey all

First time poster here

So landed a great job about a 16 months ago for a very small company, well paid, great colleagues and bosses, pretty much ideal. I was provided with training and the lot. Problem is recently I've been given relatively difficult projects which involve dealing with a lot of other engineers and customers and paying a great deal of attention to the smallest details. I have no problem with this ...
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BPD Awareness?

Hey all.

Recently I've been a bit more aware of how mental illness is being talked about more and more, the main spokespersons for it being Depression and Anxiety, obviously, which people are using more and more to describe general symptoms of... well, being human. At least, that's in my perspective.

What I'm wondering is if it would be, to you guys, a BAD thing to have a bunch of BPD awareness.

If we're being ...
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