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I feel evil (trigger warning) new to the forum ...but my BPD is out of control in the last year and I'm starting to wonder who I am. It even comes to the point where as I'm typing this i feel like i want to write lies. (although I'm managing to resist the urge).

I only recently (about 6 months ago) actually started knowing that there was something not right because my narcissistic side gets in the way and ...
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Anyone else think they might be transgender?

I'm like 95% sure I am but sometimes I wonder if I just have a severe identity disturbance due to BPD...very confusing...I'm a bio girl but I feel like a guy most of the time which tells me I'm trans...I don't know, maybe I want to think its BPD because being trans scares the crap out of me
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Was/is it OK your family?

Or something wrong, strange...there?
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more than one personality

Hi, i'm new here and i'm so so sorry if this post is in the wrong topic,
but i feel like i have two very different personalities, like i feel like there's so people in my body.
it's not that i have different aspects to my personality i feel like it's two very different people with two different genders and looks
i haven't been diagnosed with anything except depression but have been told by therapists ...
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Exposure therapy; my style!

So, Im in a group of people; recovery group of about 20 people; I could be lying!

With several young beautiful women in the room; I begin to cry about how Im afraid to approach women and talk to them; they intimidate me because Im not good enough for them and their looks scare me; their so good looking! and how I feel like a 5th grader! and how I would like to be like ...
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I joined a new day program

It seems promising for recovery, more promising than the last one I was in which was full of thoroughly disturbed individuals.
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People with BPD and mementos

This is my first post on this forum so I apologize if anything I write is offensive (I don’t intend it to be). I’m for Europe and my native language isn’t English so apologies for any mistakes in my writing also.
Anyway, I will later in the future bore you with my entire story of having been romantically involved with someone with BPD but right now I’d just like your opinions on a small thing. ...
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meds for BPL

What meds you guys take for BPL?
I've tried like 20 different meds,my brain is all f..ed up.SSRI doesn't help,can't calm my emotions.
The only meds I haven't tried are mood stablisers like Lamictal and others.
Atypical antipsycotics make me feel like zombie all day long and I can't function on them.
I've tried all SSRI no help from them,I'm numb,my emotions go crazy,and I still suffer from panic attacks.
Besides that I suffer from ...
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Books on BPD

Hello everyone! I'm new here. I am recently diagnosed and wondering what books/articles you guys suggest to learn more about myself and my personality. I have read I hate you don't leave me, but are there any other books you can think of?

Greatly appreciated!
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What Are You Proud of Today?

I thought I would start a thread where people can post the accomplishments they're proud of, and it doesn't have to be "big" things. For example today I'm proud of myself for staying out of bed for five hours straight. For me that IS big. And even though I had a small panic attack trying to make payments on my medical bills, I was able to struggle through and pay them anyway, in some cases ...
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