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Guys with BPD?

Just out of curiosity, who's got the BPD and is also a dude here? I'll go first: Me.
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What the heck is wrong with this? :((

First of all, my fear of abandonment and BPD is causing my "issue" which I will now elaborate..

I'm seventeen years old and I am a strong, opinionated, academically successful girl with a bright future of writing books and becoming a linguist plus travelling the world.

I am not "weak", but I am NEEDY. I haven't had a boyfriend yet, but once I leave high school (which will be quite soon) I want to be ...
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Do BPDs ever find a long lasting intimacy with others?


i am sure this topic has been asked on here. went back a few pages, can't seem to find any though. hope it's ok for me to ask the same question.

without having to rehash any of my past relationships to the specifics, let's just say that they have been really chaotic and in the end would leave me feeling like i am going to die! (rejection, abandonment, 'crazy thinking', feelings of suicidal thoughts) ...
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So maybe awhile back, i came onto here and i expressed some concern for a friend, well then friend, about him ignoring me and etc. Well, i did go into detail about this friend, i established there was some connection on my part, i wasn't too sure about his but we just got on and we talked which was really nice.
I met him last night for the first time and he was really great, ...
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So this is tough.

Wow, well I was diagnosed with BPD back in March after time spent in a psychiatric ward for a... few botched suicide attempts, however it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago I accepted that this is all a thing and is really happening. Due to my realization it is in fact reality, I'm attempting to learn more about the 'illness' in my wait for therapy to -finally- begin. This learning lead me here, to ...
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A great big joke at my expense

How often do you think about the occurrences in your own life and come to the conclusion that the way they happen is far too absurd for them to be legitimate?
Currently right now, I am aching with anger having decided that my existence is a suffering based joke under which I am given good things, then having them almost immediately taken away. It seems as soon as I find any enjoyment in anything it ...
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*trigger sh* bpd girl so lost right now

Ive put a trigger on the title as I do mention self harm and suicide briefly though not in detail.

Im 26 years old who was diagnosed with bpd quite a number of years ago and I am not getting better I seem to be getting worse. In the past 4 weeks I've had two hospital trips, one for suicide and then last night for serious self harm.

Im wreckless and feel like I have ...
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narcissists masquerading as borderline?

I've been diagnosed with borderline, I recognise bpd and npd shared traits. However these disorders in my opinion are rather different at the core. Reading borderline forums I quite often come across people who say they are bpd but appear npd? We are all unique, though from personal experience I tend to internalise blame, I struggle daily to function and to even hold down a job. I am impulsive, once I lose control I need ...
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"Super Powers"

Hi guys,
I'm new. So, I don't know if it is inappropriate for me to write a topic straight away before I contribute. I hope I don't offend anyone.

I just was looking for some advice. Does anyone else ever feel like they have (for want of a better word) "Super Powers" of manipulation? I find this very hard to explain, but I seem to be able to make people do whatever I want them ...
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Desire, Attachment, Obsessive Catastrophic Thinking

Greetings again!

This is regarding relationships and dating. A few things prior to the narrative regarding my typical processes and patterns:

1. It is few and far between that I am both physically attracted to someone and have good "chemistry" with them.
2. When it does happen I became immediately attached and after almost 2 years of DBT I still have to actively and consciously try to fight it but sometimes the emotional mind is ...
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