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ruined my career one more time

i had a chance to go to germany and study masters in engineering.
but i didnt go as i got emotional to my home and so didnt go to germany.

now the date has passed. i went to visa office and they told me to get new appointment and that will take years.

this is the third time i have ruined my career.

first left 2 jobs and now this.
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Finding it hard to deal with colleagues leaving

I feel like I've got worse with friends I work with leaving the job. There have been a succession of them and this is after my previous FP left me so I think that's why I'm finding them hard.

Got a new FP who is a colleague. Just found out today she is really struggling with the job and it's affecting her mental health. She is talking about leaving and I am finding it hard ...
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Ruined my life big time, how do I carry on?

I have just come back from Poland where I was for almost a year due to me impregnating and starting a relationship with a girl I met in my country from Poland she wanted to be pregnant after just a month of being together so I don't think she is most sane her father is schizotypal and she has so schizoid traits that seem to come and go.

Now we are "separated" physically because I ...
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Tips for being ok with myself??

I'm just getting over a breakup, and even though its been hell, I finally feel like I don't have that burning desire to like everything he likes etc, and I'm not going to lie it feels like I'm free but also now what? (cue emptiness)

I started messaging someone else and can already feel the desire to like what they like, and know he'd become my fp very quickly in the cliche toxic kind of ...
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Are you all more love avoidant or love addicted? Women are more love addictive, so I wonder if males are more love avoidant because they don't trust or want to get hurt. Even if they really love the woman
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BPD & working

I just started a new job a week ago. And I find it so hard to fit in. I feel like I have horrible anxiety & feel like everyone is always thinking negative of me. I feel like I give off a weird vibe from my anxiety because everyone always acts uncomfortable around me & has to readjust themselves, it makes me feel even worse I make ppl feel this was. Has this happened to ...
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Does this sound like Borderline to you?

A Borderline- someone who doesn't feel emotion when perceiving themselves to be threatened?

I have a theory that emotion/love comes from feeling beauty and that people with Cluster A(?) Personality Disorders, don't feel beauty in certain areas of life/under certain circumstances.

In the case with Antisocial Personality, one doesn't feel beauty at all.

Narcissists don’t feel beauty regarding other people.

And Histrionics only feel beauty when with other people.

If you're interested in why I ...
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BPD step parent with depressive teenager...

Really looking for help or guidance or something. I've been fighting borderline for over 15 years and while I'm mostly managed (I can prevent reactions and behaviours mostly) my brain still thinks borderline.
I'm in a relationship of nearly 6 years with someone who doesn't understand or really believe in borderline. She doesn't understand that I have 3 ages of emotional reactions. That just because I'm 30 my emotional responses are usually that of a ...
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Share your coping strategies?

Hey everyone,

New user here. I'm in the process of getting cleared through my insurance for therapy/meds. But for now: was wondering if anyone could share some healing tips with me? My biggest concerns ATM are: not dissociating through daydreaming or social media, feeling like what I say is valid in social situations (the real me), and fighting fatigue/depression.
Also, I have a journal but don't know how to make use of it since I ...
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Is this cheating? What do I do?


I'm a young (19) bpd girl with some disastrous relationship history. In every relationship I've had I've had to fight for attention and care or love and this has left me absolutely exhausted. I have also been with guys who have denied there was even anything between us. I never cheated on anyone before this happened.

I met the most amazing person ever. Being with him makes me feel complete in a way. I ...
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