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free will and change

reserch into ppl loosing weight show that only 20% of ppl loosing weight (10% or more wieght) are able to keep it off
what does that tell you about free will?
what does that tell you about the possibility to "change"?
the effectiveness of therapy?
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Would we fare better with an anarchist system?

I've been thinking about this for a while now - and out of all the societal theories - I think us (BPDs) would fare best under an anarchist system. Specifically, anarcho-syndicalism.
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Can't keep friends..*TW

I have social anxiety so I can't make friends easily and then when I finally make a friend, I get annoyed quick and end up lashing out at them and I don't know if I'm being irrational and not giving them a chance or if I'm just making the wrong's almost like I'm waiting for that moment to just want nothing to do with them over the smallest flaw in their personality..can anyone relate?
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Do you ever feel like... *TW*

Everyone around you is "normal" and you're not? I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes and like other people have to pull me back to reality but it's really annoying cuz I don't think I'm that "crazy" but so many people make me feel like I am...ugh so I feel like it's other people making me feel odd and out of place just to make me feel bad about myself..I'm just sick of it
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my younger sister has a new boyfriend. i recently told my mother that i met her boyfriend and as he was very drunk, i was going to wait to meet him sober before forming any sort of opinion. i mentioned to my mother that he called me the wrong name about five times and she winced, stating "you think she would have warned him about you." i knew what she met, but i had just ...
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Does anyone get this or have any suggestions?

Okay so I'm posting here because I really do feel like this was where I could relate the most. I have been having problems with my mood, as well as bad sleeping and eating habits at times, but after a referral by a GP for bipolar sent me to a psychiatrist who then doubted everything I told him pretty much and put all my problems down to stress I started doubting everything about myself once ...
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Behaving with child care givers

I have a young child and have decided to hire a helper. This is bringing up issues.

I found an agency and the person they are recommending for our needs has good references, I was happy with what her references said, I think she's friendly but quieter and she's the right age for what I want. I wanted someone a little bit older and grandmotherlike. (DO NOT TOUCH MY HUSBAND).

This is creating paranoia.

1. ...
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How as a BPDer do I let her go or get her back?

My girlfriend and I had been dating almost two and a half years. We were having problems and struggling, mostly because I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I would be hot and cold and I would seek attention anywhere, so if I got it from another girl I would confuse liking the attention with liking the girl and this caused me massive anxiety and I thought I was having mixed feelings. She knew I had the ...
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I've known for a year I had BPD, but never really got help. Now I'm getting out of a relationship due to a few characteristics of the disorder (low self esteem, eating disorder, obsessive working out, body dismorphia, alcohol issues) and am completely obsessed with the ex. She never saw the intense relationship side of me because I had a friend that I worked closely with that made sure I didn't send the text messages ...
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