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Identity issues

I'm curious to hear thoughts from each of you about your identity disturbances. How severe is this for you? What does it look like? How do you feel?

I'm trying to gain some clarity in my own experiences, as I have difficulty putting words to what I feel.
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Sooo many negative thoughts and I'm so hard on myself.

I'm realizing just how many recently. No matter what I do there's that critical voice in my head. It feels like a flood sometimes. Like I scold myself for everything. I think part of me believes that unless I am constantly critical with myself I'll never be able to succeed. It's sort of saying "you can only succeed if someone pushes you, you're not good enough to succeed on your own"
I'm super hard on ...
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"Relationship" Questions

I am new here. I have never been diagnosed with BPD, but I do suffer from rapid cycling bipolar disorder. I am a gay male and since December, I have been dating this guy. While we never "formalized" our relationship, around late January, I found myself getting close to him and I decided that I was not going to see other guys.

Yesterday, I was with him at an STD clinic -- he continued to ...
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Elaborate, invasive thoughts?

Do any of you over-react/over-analyse in the following way?

Whenever I am in distress because of something (someone not replying to a text, someone acting a little off etc.), it seems my mind likes to create an explanation for the situation by backing it up with an elaborate story. These are always inherently bad: the people in them (people I care about) have all taken an evil turn, they are plotting against me, doing things ...
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Weeks go by and I can hardly notice, 8 months I think it's been. The days melt into each other as the constant daydream which is my life passes by, I think it's just dissociation. Does anyone else with BPD experience this? - I'm so isolated it's so horrible and the tragic thing is that it's all my fault. Other people seem so strange and it's sad that I don't seem to fit in with ...
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Miss her terribly - NC or not?

Hello everyone. I am sparing you all the details, I just need your piece of advice. I am a non. I feel completely lost, maybe a bit (a lot?) depressed, 'cuz I miss my ex who has BD. Although I got harrassed when we broke up, I still miss her and am on the brink of contacting her after few months of nc from my part, but don't know whether I should do it or ...
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Not able to speak

I have lost my ability to speak, but I can still read and write with no hindrance. This leads me to believe it is not due to brain damage or atrophy. Besides, I've been hearing voices and they are the ones who take my voice. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I have a lot of symptoms that could really fall under many categories, as with most of us I think. ...
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The DSM and its delusions

So psychology has a long history, I'm not here to spin a yarn.

I'll just get to the point. Many classical concepts that define mental states, aside from being somewhat projective in nature and poorly defined, are better suited to classify the complex human mind, than say... the DSM, its authors, and everybody else with a damn agenda to push. Oh well if we can't classify you .....

Borderline PD, classically conceived of as a ...
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Possible BPD Diagnosis- Needing Help

So I have had major depression for quite a few years now. From what I can remember, it started about 10 years ago. I started on anti-depressants about 5 years ago but have changed a few times and just still haven't felt "normal".

For the first time ever, I went to see a psychiatrist a couple of weeks ago because my symptoms are extremely overwhelming at times. I had been told by my counselor that ...
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Need help understanding intimacy with my BPD Boyfriend

Ive been in a relationship with my s/o for just over a year and we do live together. He was diagnosed with BPD, Bulimia and anxiety in his teens. Hes 26 and im 25. Ive tried my best to understand him and Im getting there bit by bit. Its not been an easy ride!

I met him during his drinking phase, shortly after his drugs phase. He mimicked that of an alcoholic at the time ...
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