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Facebook/Social Media Anxiety?

Just wondered whether any of you have experienced this.
For some reason I can not handle facebook! I have a twitter which I don't really have any bad feelings using. Because I sort of feel more anonymous on that. But I've had several facebook pages over the years and always end up deleting them.

Because 1) I get paranoid that everyone will know that I'm a freak and 2) Seeing everyone elses normal lives just ...
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cognitive behavioral therapy

Well, as a person with BDP I have to struggle with a lot of obstacles. Not only my mood and whatever comes to your mind, but also - poor health care. Unfortunately - in my country health care, not to mention mental health care, sucks all the way long. I've decided I'd go for a private therapy. And as the Internet says - the most promising one for pwBPD is dialectical behavioral therapy. I've tried ...
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Insensitive atmospheres

So having recently ventured onto webpages such as 4Chan i RElaised I had a pattern of feeling a bit miserable every time I visited. Recently i've had a crush and I've been thinking about romatic relations ships and I feel particulary miserable after going on /adv/ (the advice board) and i see men talking about women they want to get with or vice versa and it makes me feel so insignifcant and unspecial. like i ...
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Is it a phobia of abandonment/rejection?

Discuss? Thnx
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How Do You Show that You Care for Someone?

I am just wondering....with the fact that pwbpd are often unable to maintain their interpersonal relationships. How do you maintain your relationships?
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What if I had BDP too?

Hello, I'm Cathy. I'm 18 and having some issues about myself. It's been a while that I know something is absolutely wrong with me but had no chance to put a word on it. I often dream that I'm in front of a therapist screaming to him to do all the tests possible to put a name on what's going wrong.
Sometimes I think it's because I'm a teenager and, oh well, all teenagers have ...
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sick of high-functioning, sick of stigma, sick of everything

i feel sick today. i feel stupid and even demented. i feel tired and exhausted.
i am so ######6 high functioning. too functioning. so much so that i am just unreal.
people around me all see just a different part of me. they see in me what they want. yes, i am a chamaleon. i can be many things.
my ex-ex sees me as an ethereal wild thing. he thinks of me as liquid sunshine. ...
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please help me find myself

i cant find myself i dont know who i am. all my alters know who they are, they each have their own solid sense of self and for me that sense of self feels like a pit

i constantly live though my alter's aesthetics but they get tired of me and tell me to stop treating them like toys. they tell me to try and figure out what /i/ like for /myself/, but when i ...
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Feeling abandoned... *triggers*

Hey guys,
so yesterday my boyfriend told me he was leaving for the weekend. I immediately panicked. I started crying and threatening to hurt myself if he left. He got really angry because he said I was manipulating him. I'm by myself now and I feel so empty. I feel like my only options are to self harm, kill myself, or get super drunk. Any suggestions on how to cope with this emptiness, shame, and ...
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