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am I overreacting?

I saw my ex around, she ignore me, then I find she talking to my friend.

he make me feel insane for four days, then I finally accept it was one off and he not reciprocate.

But then I checked her blog, and she wrote some snarky comment only he could of told her.

So I had a major breakdown worst one ever cause he must of gotten a call from her 15 mins after ...
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newly diagnosed big relief, big shock.

For what I can remember, my entire life i've been controlled by rage, paranoia and intense emotions.
I didn't really know what was wrong so jst thought it was normal, today I was diagnosed after a big incident happened recently this week.

I'm both relieved to know what is wrong with me...but also pretty heartbroken, there was a girl I loved but I chased her away :( ...
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Introduction (with a catchy title)


I have been reading a lot of posts here recently, and decided it was time to come out of the shadows. I do not usually like going back and forth on matters that don't, but i do feel a strong need to express myself, which is currently being suppressed to the point of some sort of mental break.

It is hard to put my finger on just how my reality is changing, but strangely ...
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Attention from doctor.

Hello everyone!!

I'm currently at a clinic, and there's a woman doctor here and she's like really nice to me and hugs me and pats me. I've sorta grown attached to her, even though it's been only like 6 days here. I get anxiety feeling in my stomach like I'm extremely stressed about something whenever I hear her heels outside my room. I get so extremely jealous whenever she pays attention or touches, or calls ...
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BPD and therapy, medication, or both?

Hi everyone! I'm a 22 year old female who's been diagnosed with BPD only a few months ago. I was diagnosed by a psychologist who recommended DBT but basically got rid of me on the spot claiming she didn't do that kind of therapy. I was then referred to the psychiatric department for assessment. This was basically the same thing the psychologist did; they simply confirmed my diagnosis and the kind of therapy I should ...
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Hello everyone,

31/m. I have not been officially diagnosed with BPD (I hope that isn't a problem for posting here), but I have had many of its symptoms and co-morbid disorders for pretty much my entire life: depression, substance abuse, irritability, frequent angry outbursts, impulsive behavior, lack of empathy, unstable relationships, severe mood swings, self-loathing, extreme black-and-white thinking. I show some symptoms of OCD, although much more mildly. I've been on wellbutrin for a few ...
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*TW* Anger and rage with bpd

Hi everyone. To make a long story short I've had BPD since I was 16 (I'm now 21) and it is getting worse.

When I was diagnosed the therapist didn't fully explain to me what the symptoms were, she just told me I had it because I used to self harm. Although that has stopped, yesterday I got really mad during an argument and I ended up hurting my boyfriend's hand while trying to get ...
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What we sound like here in BPD Forum

******* Please note, respectful messages only *******
As part of my own disclaimer i want to make sure this is for us to have a little fun,
i will not allow any swearing or any abuse comments too any of our members.

I wanted to hear the voices of the great people i spend most of my time here with, the support you guys have given over the last 15 months that i have ...
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Can people with BPD sustain a normal healthy relationship?


So yes I have BPD. I was diagnosed with PTSD in my early teens, then clinical depression, then post natal depression and finally 2 years later BPD. My diagnosis was a shock at first but eventually I looked at it as a blessing coz now I know why I do the things I do and react the way I do at times. Now that I am aware I can control my moods etc..... well ...
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Fed up with identity issue.

I am so sick of this identity issue. I am tired of not knowing how to act around people. How to be "myself' whoever that is. No matter what I do, I am never happy with how I handle things. I am always a loser and failing miserably in my eyes.

How the hell do I find myself? Or do I just keep on trying to create myself until something feels close enough?

I would ...
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