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Can't I ever be normal?!?

Why do we beat ourselves up so freaking MUCH?!?
My husband was mowing the lawn in 100 degree weather. I asked him if he wanted water. He said no. I still wanted to do something nice for him and made him water with that crystallized lemon stuff (true lemon?). I brought it out. He gulped it down. I asked him how it was. He said thanks, but that "it was too cold."

Like, WTF DUDE?!? ...
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What does fear of abandoment mean and how can I trigger it?

Fear of abandonment is a concept that very foreign to me. In that I completely don't understand how someone can be afraid of abandonment. What exactly is it? What do you BPD feel when triggered.

Lately, there's a girl at work who I know has BPD and I've been trying to trigger her fear of abandonment. This is a girl that I know have an emotional attachment to me even though we aren't dating. A ...
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Available & Affordable DBT Program To All

Hello All,

I wanted to share this with everyone. We are aware that dialectical behavioral therapy has been a proven therapeutic method in assisting to recovering from BPD. And I know that these programs can be few and far between and very expensive. I recently saw a documentary on youtube call 'Border____"

It features a woman named Debbie Corso who has battle BPD and other mental illnesses. ...
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BPD Reaction to BF & Neuroscience of BPD *TW*

It's so strange. Lately, I have been trying to be mindful of my emotions, actions and reactions. It's helped tremendously but there are other times where the BPD symptoms/traits are just too powerful. I take no comfort in it but it's kind of the only way I know how to be.

I remember reading and researching on some traits that I thought for the longest time was just me being crazy with no self esteem. ...
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The very last thing....TW

So....I had a benefit review in March, and they cut my benefits.

I don't know what to do, I was barely surviving on the $500 a month they were giving me.

My parents are wealthy, but their support comes with a huge cost- emotional abuse and manipulation.

I have been in and out of hospitals my whole life and I tried to work and live a normal life and I couldn't.

I know I need ...
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Being more attracted to the wrong guy kind than the right

Wondered, if anybody here, has ever had this problem regarding seriously nasty/mean guys (who you know are really very toxic/bad for you deep down) either while single or while already in a relationship with somebody else?

If so, I wondered if you were ever to find a way past the problem so that it didn't happen again?

Just wondering, as I've recently discovered in recent days that I've got quite a serious problem with this. ...
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happiness and meaning from others

Does anyone else look for their happiness from other people, consciously or subconsciously?

I feel my life has no meaning or direction when I'm single. I have an inability to become enthusiastic about things and if I do it doesn't last long and I just collect abandoned hobbies and half finished projects. Eg. my long term ex of some 3+ years ago and I thought we would knock down a wall in the stairwell and ...
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New poster and STEPPS course

Hello everyone! I am a new poster to the forum, but have been here a couple of weeks just reading and gathering some useful information. Thanks to the people who post such valid contributions as I'm sure there are many more people here reading and not posting.

I haven't yet had a BPD diagnosis and I'm not one for self-diagnosis (except that time I was convinced I was bi-polar for a couple of years(!)) but ...
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Will counselling get me over my childhood?

I am starting counselling tomorrow and am wondering if it will finally help me get over my childhood and that fact that my parents still suck. My childhood was very abusive with a physically violent and emotionally abusive borderline mother and an absentee dad who would not protect me from her. Last time I was in counselling was over 20 years ago and I would like to finally put my childhood demons to rest at ...
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I've posted on here about this before, quite a few months ago, but the issue still remains.

My confidence is absolutely shot.

It's a huge combination of things (my boyfriend doesn't know how to be sexual or show that he's attracted to me, I'm out of shape compared to what I used to look/feel like, we're in a city surrounded by girls who are in shape and pretty, etc.) I find myself not being able ...
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