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Unhealthy obsession with boyfriend

My boyfriend is my fp and he's genuinely all I care about. I have to text him at all times, be on the phone whenever possible, etc. I need him to put all his attention on me or else I'll freak out and do desperate things to get his attention.

I know that's not healthy but that's the way it is and it's pushing him away from me. Rationally, I know that no one should ...
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What did you think your BPD was before you were diagnosed?

Before my diagnosis, I assumed that what I had MUST be depression (had no idea about BPD before). Because I self-harmed, would feel depressed most of the time, had suicidal thoughts and feelings, and had breakdowns frequently, I felt like it must be depression, EXCEPT for the fact that I could experience what I felt was this LIFE CHANGING NERVOUS BREAKDOWN of the kind which usually changes peoples lives and of which they remark on ...
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Not sure what to do

I will try and make this short. My wife and I had got married quite quickly but known each other for several years. There were several warning signs I should have noticed but now see. After the birth of our daughter about 10 months ago things got worse. During her pregnancy, she would fly off into tirades and I discounted them as part of pregnancy and not feeling comfortable so it cause her perception of ...
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Where to Begin

I feel like I have to warn about this post first. It's going to be long, and this problem is going to be ongoing. I have trouble keeping anything I write short, but I'll really try to keep it as short as I can!!

I met a friend of mine over two and a half years ago, and he has been living with me for over two years. When we first met, he was into ...
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how do i explain how i feel?

I hate it when people think I can just stop or fallow logic advice when my thought processes is not wired like that. Even the DOCTORS. I so tired of trying, I get anxiety when I need to leave the house and stay closed off most the time. I don know whats going on with me and no body gets it! So... I turning to the people who do get me and advice.. Streighth.. I ...
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Ever scared you'll never be able to hack it?

That's how I feel lately. I just feel like no matter how hard I work to recover from BPD, I just won't be able to function like a normal human being. I'm scared I'll never be able to hold down a proper job - it'll be either quit and flee, or get fired. I'm scared I'll never be able to have close friendships or relationships because of the fears of abandonment. They are too painful ...
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mum's done it again

so for my whole childhood my mum was always binge drinking on the weekends. and when she would come home she would be literally so drunk that she would almost look as if she was losing consciousness this happened right from when i can remember really. she would also get pretty nasty sometimes too.

So, it happened tonight and it hasnt happened for a good couple years like this. she came home barely able to ...
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Wanting to hear my voices again (Not sure is BPD)

Putting this in BPD since, I'm only diagnosed with mixed anxiety and depression disorder and BPD, and I was told the voices are because my BPD.

For the 2 years I've been hearing voices on a daily basis, of someone who means the entire world to me, but due to massive event in both of our lives we can no longer know each other. They're the only reason I feel the need to stay alive. ...
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Making people guilty

I noticed that I do this with some close people. I will get easily insulted or nitpick an insult and get hurt. Then I will crave being alone like Im throwing a tantrum. When they come after me to apologise I always cry so much and get too emotional, but in some way its like Im getting something I need inside and it always happens again, only with people I really care about. Now Im ...
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Self destructing

I have just hit the self destruct button. Following on from my last topic, this hasn't been a good week.

It is just one thing after another. After being seen at A&E a number of weeks ago now I increased a med dosage. This was under the psych team who said it was fine and they would let my GP know. So I contacted the GP surgery and was told they had not heard from ...
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