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Not offering closure - why?

The woman in this video, with borderline, talks about the process of idealisation and devalution and in this context says:

"And all over night, seemingly, you are the bad guy and you can disconnect from them.
You are unable to see that you should offer someone closure because you don't see that you should."

The second sentence starts just after 6:00 the first one ends just before that.

As I don't have borderline myself I ...
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am i in a depressive episode

how do I know if i'm having a depressive episode?

is it still a depressive episode if its just for a few days?

its hard to tell inbetween mood swings, masks, not feeling any emotions, sometimes feeling an emotion, etc.
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question for women with BPD

Specifically, about the type of people you form strong, but anxious attachments to, the ones that trigger the most abandonment issues.

Are these intense, fearful attachments always to people you are romantically interested in? Or could it be to someone who you love platonically, but really want to have in your life, such as a best friend, mentor, etc? I guess this is more complicated for lesbians.

I'm asking because in my experience, as a ...
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How to ask for help without manipulating

Does anyone have any advice on how to ask for help without inadvertently manipulating people?

I've recently hit a new low and have been self harming and feeling suicidal. Some friends have noticed the change in my demeanour etc., and one (a recently graduated psychologist) has asked me about it. I hate asking for help and don't, so I found a way of excusing myself from the conversation, but I know they're going to ask ...
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transgender: is it the BPD talking?

I exhibit gender dysphoria but I only started questioning my gender identity when my symptoms of bpd started to arise. I really want to go on hormones but I feel once I transition I'll still feel the same about my identity.

A little back story sorry: I use to be a tomboy, grew out of it in middle school. Sophmore year arises and I'm constantly shifting what I look like. From wearing tight, very slutty ...
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BPD in film/media. examples of REALISTIC portrayals of BPD

I like to look for movies or music that specifically portray Borderline Personality Disorder. There are a couple I have found where the character is specifically made to have the disorder... but what other ones are there?

The two most convincing realistic borderline personality in media I have seen are:
- Filth (2013) (a film)
- Stan by Eminem (a song)

I'll give a summary of both and even describe the symptoms portrayed (dont worry, ...
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How do you "deal with" your emotions when they arise?

Like the title suggests. My psychologist keeps asking me "How do you deal with your emotions?" And in my mind all I can think to that question is "Uh, what?"

So, how do YOU do it?
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The new relationship....while seperated.

I am curious....my stbx(we can divorce in Jan.) BPD husband, has moved on very quickly into another relationship. It was someone he worked with that was interested in him a year and a half ago, but they were both married. She ended up getting separated a month after we did. I can't tell if she is just young and naive or if it's possible she has BPD as well. She shows allot of symptoms. I ...
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Running into a pretty severe financial situation

Hi all, would really appreciate some advice here.

Situation: I've been job hunting for the past month without success. On the other hand I am terribly worried about actually getting a job because my mood swings at the moment are such that I often cannot get out of bed, eat, or sleep - let alone leave the house, get to work & concentrate on a task. However, I really do need to do something, and ...
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Help! (TW)

I'm trying my best not to freak out. I am failing.

I need some help/feedback.

Back in march I went for a job interview and thought I'd finally nailed it. It was a lower-paying job, less demanding than my previous career, and I think a tiny bit of ego (egad, maybe Truth was right, a rare NPD-like feeling) reared its head thinking ah well, at least I can settle for this.

Thought it was a ...
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