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Jobs *may trigger*

I got re-diagnosed as BPD last year. I recently got hired at Sears as a cashier, and I hate it because it feeds my depression. I don't want to pester people, to ask them if they want to sign up for credit cards or if they want the rewards card because, like, if they say no, then I want to respect them. So, my credit scores are low. An assistant manager yesterday hinted that I ...
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Bilvad-It Means 'Alone'

That basically sums up my life. I was first diagnosed as BPD when I was around 16 and I am now in my early 40's. Until a recent episode that I just watched on The Sopranos, I never had an inkling of what BPD even meant. So I did a little surfing on the web to get a general gist of what BPD is and wow, it really describes me to a 'T'.

My life ...
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Need Some Help Understanding My BPD Breakup

I am seeing a perspective that I have not yet seen about my problem from that of those with BPD on this and other sites.

After the fact, I have come to see that my ex fiance was likely BDP by the research that I have done. ESPECIALLY by virtue of the way that she had broke up: while I was away on a business trip, and via text. There was no hint of anything ...
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A guy I just met this year, he is an amazing man. I like him so much! I cut communication with him a few times because I was scared he would do it first. I must have cut contact with him about 6 times now and he always came back to talk to me and tells me he missed me..This time, we went like a whole week without speaking and I turned really bitter and ...
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Looking for help.

I was wondering if any of you have/had experienced depression along side BPD?

My boyfriend commented on how i just sleep a lot which irritated me a little bit and my mood swings. I have that problem with feelings of emptiness so it doesn't entirely help my situation either. I've noticed my sleeping a lot, irritability, mood swings, increased and decreased appetite, some trouble with sexual intercourse such as lack of libido and i have ...
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Self-care techniques?

Can anyone in recovery from BPD offer up any advice with regards to self-love and care techniques? I'm trying to do simple things--such as taking care of my skin, drinking more water, etc.--which are easy to overlook in the midst of a major depressive episode. Does anyone have anything to suggest that might help me to develop some love and care for myself?
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Anyone struggling to recover from substance abuse?

I know this should go in the substance abuse forum... but I want to ask people with borderline personality disorder specifically... have any of you developed a substance abuse problem because of your illness and now struggle harder than the average person to get clean? I'm currently going to a substance abuse group 3 times a week...and I notice that mainly everyone else in the group has more clear cut ideas on what they need ...
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I need help.

I've been diagnosed type 1 bipolar since I was 17 (I'm now 23), and more recently I was diagnosed with BPD. I was attending DBT groups, but given the facts that I work full-time, go to school full-time, and have a four-year-old, I haven't had the time lately. That being said, my improvement over the last year and a half has been immense. I'm not nearly the same person, and I am really happy with ...
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Do you mimic other people?

It's strange/amazing all the things I've been able to notice with in myself after learning some DBT skills. I noticed every time I'm at work I mimic other people's attitudes and even facial expressions I immediately pick up on their body language and I take it on as my own. I also noticed it drains me tremendously to do this but I usually don't realize I'm doing it until after the fact.
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Hi, im new to this forum

I didn't even know a forum existed about BPD but tbh I've not really tried to look, more so because ive been worried about what i could find?

I got told by a certified person that i had bipolar, but then i saw 3 others and the outcome after being hospitalized was that i had BPD this was diagnosed 5 years ago after struggling with every aspect of life and a drug overdose and ...
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