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Do people with BPD split everyone?

If someone had BPD, would they split everyone, including friends and family, or just a romantic partner? The person I'm talking about seems to only split their partner, not friends. Is that normal?
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So much hurt

Hi, I'm new here.
My name is Brian and I am pretty sure I have bpd. I have all the symptoms and they are severe. I just started on an antidepressant last week and hope to start outpatient treatments soon.

I feel like I am multiple people, and I can see when I am there and sometimes can tell that I'm headed there but I can't stop it. I get manipulative and mean and have ...
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BPD/NPD Dynamic

For years I have known I am BPD. It's obvious in everything I do. Instable identity. Constantly trying on new lives. Hyper sexual and extremely seductive. Abandonment issues that have me cycling between pushing them away (why would I want the pain when they will leave anyway?) and clinging (please don't leave me. I'll be anything and anyone you want me to be.) Absolute hatred for romantic partners by the time the relationship is done ...
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why -TW-

why are you borderline?
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I don't know who I am

Ask stated above in the subject I just don't know who I am, I remember through all my life I've been different people to so many people. I've acted like them (like a chameleon). Underneath all of this I feel so empty like I'm not a real person. I have no disposition to myself whatsoever. I can tell myself I'd stand for something then I find myself not commuting to it. I can't commit to ...
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This is hell and 'doctors' are making it worse

I have no idea how I got in this situation. I was doing a lot better. I'm in the UK and went back to university but couldn't cope due to anxiety. But anyway, I'm still so much better than a year ago.
Now I'm with some drug rehab team because I got addicted to etizolam (kinda like valium) and it was fine at first because they just transferred me to valium equivalent and it was ...
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the girl/boy next door -tw-

somone you knew for most of your life who ends up your 1st crush or 1stkis, playing doctor or more...
did(/do) you have annyone on your life liks that?
can men and women just be friends?
do you sometimes notice that somone you considered to be a friend that starts to hit on you?
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daydreaming/intrusive thoughts

I'm just wondering if this is common among BPD people or if anyone else relates to this.

I've always daydreamed a lot my entire life. As a kid I would have rather spent all day sitting on my bed daydreaming than playing outside. I would daydream so much that I wouldn't interact with other children sometimes, and my parents thought I had autism for a long time. I was also super quiet, but I'm not ...
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SSRI-Induced Apathy- Beneficial?

Apparently some people have a blunting of emotions and increase in apathy as a result of taking an SSRI. This appears to be happening to me. I'm only on 5 mg of Lexapro, below an effective dose for MDD (which I don't actually have), but it's hit me pretty hard.

This has been me the past week or so:


I give significantly fewer ###$ about pretty much everything. It's been great in some regards. ...
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