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Help with jealousy and paranoia needed :(

I'm in a relatively new relationship with my partner (we've been together for 4 months) and I'm currently going through a really stressful final year of my degree with no therapy (I'm on a massive waiting list) and just medication to get me through it. I have mild bpd and also pmdd.

Something is happening and I am so scared of it. I am having paranoid thoughts that my boyfriend's mother does not like me ...
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This is how I feel. Am I borderline? Bipolar?

I'm not sure where can I ask for a diagnosis, I mean in which forum. Since I think it may be BPD, I'll just post it here. I'm from Europe, so pardon my english.

I'm 19 years old. Male.

I have never thought about the idea that I could have a personality disorder, or anything like that. I can remember though, that since I was very young I presented three "rare" characteristics:

- Low self-esteem ...
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Sorry if there is already a topic about this.

Recently I was searching online for personal experiences of pseudo-psychosis in BPD but I found nothing except the BPD diagnostic criteria. Would anyone like to share their experiences here? I sometimes feel alone with this part of my life but I know that there must be other people who go through sort of similar things.

For me, there are three men in my head who programmed ...
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Newly diagnosed with BPD - looking for advice


I've recently been diagnosed with BPD but I do not understand at all how the psychiatrist came to this diagnosis. I do not self harm (nor have I ever), have had no childhood trauma, wouldn't describe myself as particularly impulsive, do not have intense/problematic relationships etc. So yeah I am very confused why the doctor/hospital all agreed on the BPD. The only thing I've ever done is make threats to commit suicide and then ...
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I'm such a wreck right now

Hi All,

Please excuse my poor typing skills, as I currently have amessed up finger.

Also, I apologise for being "that guy", as inn the one who makes an account, uses it for a day, then disappears. However I have no one to talk to and this is my last resort as I am so lost. Is there a chat room, or a function that I can talk to someone? Its a saturday so my ...
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What is wrong with me?!?!?

So, I recently starting reading a book on BPD, and...WOW! For the first time in my 26 years, I felt as though someone other than me finally understood how my brain works! I have been asking myself WTF is wrong with me for the last, maybe 20 years. I wondered why I always felt so awkward; so left out; so alone; so empty; and more importantly, why didn't anyone else seem to feel this way ...
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Hi, i'm new here

I couldn't find an introductions post so I thought i'd introduce myself here (sorry if there is a post that i've missed).

My name is Lindsay and I was officially diagnosed with BPD when I was about 22. No one actually told me about my diagnosis, I was only aware that I was diagnosed with depression and only found out about my BPD diagnosis when I requested a copy of my medical records.

I have ...
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Undiagnosed mother?

Hi all,
Thanks for taking the time to read this potentially rambly post.
I have a mother that I'm pretty sure has BDP but wanted to check if it sounded like it too to others because I seem to be the only one who has finally realised and at 26, I am the youngest of 3!
I was recently in a counsellors office talking about her and she snapped her head up and mentioned it ...
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Older brother may have BPD? ****TW****

I made this account because I figured it is an appropriate place. I originally asked this question on yahoo answers but I didn't get a response. So here it is..

I'm asking this because I feel like my brother has one of these three disorders. He always engages in risky sexual activity and brags about it to his ex girlfriend, my mom, and I. Whenever he gets in an argument with one of us or ...
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Friend with Bipolar Disorder

Hi! I have BPD, and it's still something I struggle really heavily with. I have a lot of trouble controlling my mood swings, and one of the things which triggers an angry mood from me almost immediately is being ignored by a friend, because I'll be the first to admit that I can be kinda desperate for attention. I can't help it. I never act on that anger though, I usually just try to stay ...
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