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What symptoms do you have vs. Don't have?

I am basically ruled by impulses. One year I had 9 w2s. I change my career path so often that I'm afraid I will never graduate. I rush into relationships and fall head over heals so quickly and then something small happens and i sever my emotions and end the relationship. The relationships i do manage to stay in end disastrously. First of all, i seem to only commit to people as messed up as ...
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BPD without thrill-seeking behaviour?

My partner believes he has Borderline Personality Disorder, under the casual suggestion of a psychiatrist friend. I was cursorily (mis?)diagnosed with BPD in my early teens based on sexual activity and drug use; I've been under the impression that thrill-seeking or otherwise highly "reckless" behaviour is the essence of the disorder.

My partner struggles with extreme mood swings, hair-trigger explosive rage / despair cascades concurrent with self-reported feelings of derealization and lack of identity. He ...
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I hate the holidays. I have no idea why but every holiday leaves me feeling extremely aware of my emptiness within. I assume it is from loss of family but I have a small family now and it does nothing to appease the feeling of despair inside. If there were anything to ever give me reason to commit suicide it would be if I had to feel the way I currently feel all the time. ...
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What do you do for fun?

I recently obtained some shrimp and thought seriously about cooking something special for Easter. I'm probably not going to do it, but... I had fun at least contemplating it. What do you do for fun?
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I'm unsure

This is so hard to put into words but I found this forum this morning and thought I would just share and hear some of your thoughts...

In the beginning of December last year, a close friend said some things that hurt me - one of them being how they would sometimes "dread" meeting me. (To the person's defense, they had been drinking and was perhaps a little looselipped.) I then suggested that we take ...
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i am worried that my unstable mood and addictive nature will make college unbearable, and even though i am on meds I still feel like $#%^.. (i would begin school at the end of april)

Does anyone have experience with college??
I also have GAD and bipolar II

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can someone explain dbt in a not scary way

i fear what i dont know. i dont know a lot about dbt. the only experiences ive had with therapy have been traumatic. everyone talks about dbt in borderline circles. i dont know what it means. what it does, what to expect. change feels bad.
what if i dont want to change? what if i want to continue living like a complete disaster? im used to this. i dont want someone to tell me what ...
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Questionable (now ex) Therapist

So I was assigned this therapist straight out of a partial hospitalization program. I was skeptical about having a male therapist, but I've worked well with a couple men in the past, and he was DBT trained.

During our last session, he called my partner, of whom has a severe abuse history, a wimp. Then went on to ask all these questions about his physical appearance and attractiveness, at one point saying "He must be ...
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I just wanted to say thankyou to Echinacea, Expectopatronumcat, Courtier, dtc_33, iate, and julllia for replying to the question I posted on 28/3. I read all your replies, and appreciate the perspective they give. Thanks people - and sorry it got a bit heated at the end
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Semi-Stalking People You Met Like, Once or Twice

Anyone else here occasionally have this sort of issue flair up? It's like the cold sore of the mind istg. It probably doesn't help that my online sleuthing creeper skills are not too shabby, which makes it even more difficult to resist such temptations.

In one of my not so stressful classes about 2 months ago, a guy talked to me two different times, both times just to ask me for something and made a ...
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