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How do you feel the present?

What do you do when you have all these fantasies, all these ideas of what could finally make you happy, and then if you get them you can't enjoy it, you just start wanting something else instead?

It hurts that I can only feel things in fantasies of what could be but not in the reality. On the other hand, pain is included. Nothing hurts unless I think about why it should or could hurt. ...
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Hurt by psychiatrist

Hello. Sorry to barge in on your forum but I really need to talk. I do not have a diagnosis of anything, but I just had the most distressing experience with my psychiatrist and I hope you may be able to understand and perhaps have some thoughts to help me get through this. Sorry about how long this is.

I really connected with him. Too much. I'm scared of doctors and am aware I bring ...
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Coming off the meds.

I used to post here so im going to today.
With my doctors guidance, im beginning to wean myself off my meds. So thats what i've been waiting for now. I've been off 1 pill for about a week, I can feel my energy coming back. Not like mania, but like the pills sedate me, and now im waking up and doing well in the morning , and also feel better. Only problem is its ...
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I was diagnosed Borderline today, and I have a few questions

The symptoms I experience (out of the 9) are:

1. Identity disturbance
2. Chronic feelings of emptiness

4. Episodic dysphoria, irritability, emotional instability, anxiety, etc.

7. Severe dissociative symptoms, some paranoid ideation
8. Impulsive (spending, sex , binge eating, and alcohol abuse)
9. I have recurrent suicidal thoughts, more intense in times of perceived abandonment

I do not experience the "splitting" black and white thinking, really. I have an understanding that people have good and ...
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Abandonment issues

I've been giving this some thought. I have severe abandonment issues that are usually triggered by people who I get attached to and then vanish on me abruptly.

It's been mostly men and one female whos triggered obsessive thoughts or sketchy thoughts about my behavior and actions. I used to go out with this girl all the time partying and throughout te night I would get ideas that she hated me and I was saying/doing ...
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2 questions...

1. Are there any BPD'ers in the Fayetteville, NC area? I am trying to get a support group together so we can meet maybe a couple of times a month. I don't personally know anyone with BPD, and it can be stressful at times when no one understands what you are going through. I would like to get a small group of people together, even if it's only two or three of us, and maybe ...
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getting over him

HI..this is my second post. Like I said yesterday, I think I drove my boyfriend away with my crazy behavior. I don't sleep around or jump from guy to guy. I am more a waif/hermit although they say that we bpds jump from one guy to the next. I am not like that and I am grieving the loss of my boyfriend. I couldn't think of being with another guy. Are any of you bpds ...
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Introduction: I was diagnosed today

Hey, everyone.

My name is Ashley, and life has been a succession of elation and desperation. I am not new to the symptoms of BPD, but now, after my therapy appointment earlier today, it finally has a name.

I've spent the day, it seems, explaining myself. I was hospitalized in December and resurfaced into the world after New Year's with diagnoses of major depressive disorder, hypochondriasis, anxiety, alcohol abuse and personality disorder (not otherwise specified). ...
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Rejected *tw*

Angel Tears is in tears, lol.

So, after my third session with the psychologist I am seeing (after experiencing a wreck of an experience with a psychiatrist that left me feeling abandoned and discarded), the psychologist tells me today that he isn't sure he can help me (individual counseling) and that he recommends group DBT.
I felt sick to my stomach. I have to find someone ELSE to help me? Discarded, yet again... and I ...
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trauma work (triggers)

Well I finally opened my stupid mouth and told my therapist of about 6 months that I was a victim of csa because she was asking what happened around a time period and if I didn't say it she wouldn't get the right idea. i even told her it went on for months. Now she says basically that we eventually have to work thru it to heal, not yet because I am obviously not ready, ...
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