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No outlet?? Splitting??

Hello! I'm new to the whole kind of forum thing, like actually posting something for someone to see but very quickly I'll introduce myself. I never knew what bpd was until a couple months ago but I took a test online a couple years ago that said I am 97% likely to have bpd. Currently, I am done with making friends.. My best friend no longer talks to me.. My closest friends are all gone... ...
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Finding balance


This kinda goes along the lines of another question I asked a little while ago. I've followed many suggestions from this page and I have experienced a great deal of benefits and progress thanks to the many users who've commented on my posts here. :)

I'm still having some issues with sticking with one specific personality. I don't like the label"Multiple Personality Disorder" because it is ...
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journaling when emotions become overbearing

Just curious on if people journal to regulate emotions and how well it works for them.

I am starting today with the thought that journaling would allow me to blow off some of this emotional steam.
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Help me... obssessed with trying to get "famous"?

Here my is issue in a nutshell...

Im new to BPD (self-dianogsed myself a week ago). I have many different mental problems and today I am having a really frustrating one.... trying to get famous on twitter/instragram etc...

I just feel like I should constantly be online trying to get followers and getting my name out there. I feel like I HAVE to do this now because im 21 and if i wait until Im ...
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Why don't I do stuff I know I should do?

It's like self destructive, self sabotage stuff...

I know I'm not doing myself any favours on the sofa all day in my pjs for the 4th time this week... I've not really eating properly all week coz I've been to preoccupied with looking at $#%^ on the web, boring stupid dribble... Then pigging out on tons of rubbish food.... I KNOW a good DIET improves how I feel, I know sitting on the sofa doing ...
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Awkward when having conversations

You're out of place or like you don't know what to think, feel, or what actions to do. You just listen, maybe crack a joke, and space out just a little. Your mind just turns off and you miss social cues like their facial reactions or tone of voice. When you try listening, your mind can't really grasp what they're saying so you just smile and nod. Othertimes you don't hear them at all and ...
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Breaking Up

Hi everyone,

My long term relationship came to an end. We have been struggling for the past several months, mainly just burying our heads in the sand and hoping things would just work out and they didn't. I met my former SO very early into my recovery. Two years to be exact and still had some serious issues with communicating. Soon my BPD raised its ugly head and started showing up in the relationship. It ...
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*TW* I can't find help and I'm so alone.

Hi I'm 19 and I been diagnosed with BPD since late September this year after being admitted to a mental health ward.
I feel so alone. I find it incredibly hard to talk to my family about what I have since they don't understand and they just say that 'everyone feels that way' when I explain my emotions.
I have no friends since I had to cut most of them out of my life since ...
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I feel like I have 2 personalities... I'm 17.

Ok, first of all I want to apologise for my bad english... Is not my native language and I have to write *quite of* a long story... So I hope you understand what I have to say despite my small errors.

My post are often ignored on forums because I think I write too much. I hope at least one good psychologist have the patience to read this and give me a proper advice on ...
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How to forgive when nobody says sorry...

Victim of childhood abandonment and abuse.

I've long since given up hope of the perpetrators taking responsibility or admitting blame. My therapist describes me as harbouring murderous rage. It's exhausting.

I know I'll never forgive, but does anyone have any advice on moving on despite never receiving an apology from those who wronged you?

Thank you. All this is preventing me from sleeping so please forgive me if I'm rambling nonsensically.
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