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BPD and parenting

Hi everyone. My first post here. BPD forever (now 48) and feeling terribly guilty because my behavior negatively impacted my daughter again today. She is 15 and suffering from anxiety and depression and needs me to be more stable than i am. Especially when I lose my composure at times when she really needs my support and understanding. I know I can't stop myself at times but wish i could do-over this morning and be ...
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I think I have BPD *TW*

Hey everyone, I have been researching personality disorders for several weeks now. I haven't felt "normal" in a long time. For years now I have been asking myself " Am I crazy?" and lets face it, thats not normal :P after coming across BPD it was like a weight was lifted off of me. I have read about the 8 or 9 main symptoms, and I have ...
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Im a self aware narc...started seeing bpd/narc girl

Some background on myself:
I'm 34 and have been spoiled my whole life. Somewhat asexual if it comes it comes if not i dont care...I am a self aware narc but do have codependent tendencies also...feeling of entitlement wanting my own way, manipulative etc. I have a narc i have known for 9 years (separate girl from the one I recently met)...I was her codependent for years before I finally wised up and figured what ...
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Hi new member

Hi I figured I would introduce myself since I am new.My name is TraceyI am a 44 year old female. I have no idea which forum topic I should be in as I am a mess. I guess time and posts from others will help me figure it out. Thank you!
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Falling in love with almost anybody

So I was diagnosed with BPD a couple years ago. Something I've struggled with strongly is my fear of abandonment the most. Relationships are where my problems arise from entirely. When I'm alone and not interested in anybody I'm not happy nor sad but I'm functioning and that's good, I'm focused on myself.

However falling "in love" is like a drug to me. If I'm interested in a guy and hes not into me it ...
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A friend of mine with BPD is going to need me soon; I'm trying to be a dear and find ways to alleviate her pain.

What's the most comforting thing someone has ever done or said to you, or what is the most comforting thing someone could ever do/say to you? How did this make you feel about the person in question?
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Why would she give me false hope?

Been wondering why the BPD/NPD ex would give me false hope that we had a future. Might be a tough question to answer unless its coming from the mind of an actual person who is BPD. Try and make this as short as possible. We signed a lease, broke it within 4 days due to the high crime rate. In that time, we found a new place that were going to sign on, but needed ...
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Relationsship confusion

I'm diagnosed with mixed PD with traits from Bpd, Dpd and Avpd, but not yet in treatment for this...

I've been in a relationship with the same guy for more than four years now. He is my first boyfriend and he loves me for who I am. He knows about my diagnosis and has helped me through my eating disorder treatment. Ever since we got together I felt so secure and happy that I have ...
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Have Any BPD's Here Been Cheated On?

And if so, how did you react? Did you take the non back, and if you did, how did that happen?

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Newly diagnosed BPD. Relationship crisis...

Hi! So I've just been diagnosed with BPD (but suspected it before) but I am already at crisis point.

I regularly screw up my relationships with intense emotions and then use sex as a coping method. My last relationship went very badly in the end though and that is when I first suspected BPD, because of how I reacted.

So right now, I've spent the past few months almost constantly with an amazing girl. She ...
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