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Tools for Partners of PwBPD

Are there any books or tools that someone can recommend for romantic partners of PwBPD? I'm a PwBPD and even though I've been practicing DBT for years and am fairly high-functioning, I still struggle in romantic relationships and would like to help my boyfriend find effective ways of setting boundaries and handling me when I'm at my most emotional. He's compassionate, empathetic, and understanding and I've done my best to educate him on my behaviors, ...
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how to stop isolation ?

hey guys.

i dont know why i am writing right now. no i do. i dont want to be alone yet cant stand being near my friends.

i got addicted to video games a year ago and try to isolate and distract myself 24/7. otherwise i just feel afraid and i have a feeling of completely vanishing.

i m in therapy for over 4 years. doesnt really get better. maybe i am doing something wrong. ...
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Can't get over her, idealizing

So I recently posted about my ex girlfriend leaving me.

I am finding it hard to want to move on, I know I have to, but it's like I am stuck thinking what if she wants to get back with me, even though she said she can't be with me. We broke up 2 weeks ago and she said many different reasons why, but then she was like I have no feelings for you anymore, ...
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Changing symptoms

Is it possible for symptoms to shift dramatically?

I mean when I was a teenager I had anorexia and was generally depressed and really kept it all to myself, not wanting any attention.

For the past few years my 'frantic attempt to avoid abandonment' has partly been constantly talking about my problems to almost anyone, thinking I need the attention to feel that people care and worrying that if I'm not talking about myself people ...
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need help big mess and suicidal thoughts

hello just warning that this is going to be a bit long so sorry in advance but i need to rant
to start off i have been diagnosed with BPD,avoidant personality disorder,social phobia anxiety depression and i also have a dependency on men( the type of girl that cant be single and always needs a guy wanting her and in return i only get guys who take advantage and manipulate me and leave me) I ...
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Psychiatrist is suspicious

I have been on most of the big name medications for Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD since high school, and have gone to multiple psychiatrists and psychologists over the years. Now I am in my mid 20's and feel that I have some self-awareness of my well-being and where I struggle after digging around so much.

After a huge life altering incident, including legal issues and a toxic romantic relationship, I had to change my whole ...
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Redefining "recovery"

I'm someone who believes in the idea of recovery and transformation from BPD. I've recently discovered though that my idea of recovery hasn't been totally realistic. I expected recovery to mean that I would be free of the intense emotions, hypersensitivity and feelings of loneliness. What I'm discovering is that that stuff will probably never go away. It's my RESPONSE to that stuff that is the true meaning of recovery.

My response means what ACTIONS ...
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Self forgiveness

I was wondering if anyone here had ever found any particular self forgiveness methods had worked for them, in relation to resorting to unhealthy behaviours and feeling guilt/remorse after?

Thanks to my current limits with managing negative strong emotional reactions well, to upsetting situations, I recently acted pretty badly towards somebody else online, (after a couple of months or so of no contact) when it would have been better to stay out of any contact ...
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She goes cold

So, I knew a girl with borderline for around 1 year, we were pretty good friends most of the time, sometimes on and off, the like/dislike cycle. So yesterday we had for the first time hard make out, she was also very loving, caring and so on. We set-up an appointment for today and suddenly she texts me that she had "overthought thinks, and she wouldn't come". I tried to ask, what's the problem, but ...
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How to stop being codependent.

Hello there,

I've been with my partner for 9 months and we've both realized that I have gotten the habit of relying on him way too much. I also get a lot of separation anxiety when we are not around each other. He feels very smothered as one would expect. When I do it too much he does hurtful things to lash back. He's not perfect of course, but I think the root cause is ...
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