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Do people with BPD have many crushes?

I have been like this all through my life. I tend to have crushes on many people at once but when I am in a relationship I don't and do not cheat on them...

So I was wondering if this is a symptom or something that goes along with bpd that is just not talked about? Or is it just me personally?
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bpd, cheating and consequences

I have done reading about cheating and bpd. Seems common enough. I found good info why they do it, etc.

I am close to someone who has bpd (maybe co with npd) and due to his cheating his wife has left for the final time. She didn't know he was cheating. She suspected it but now she knows the severity of it - it is pretty bad.

He is very upset although he has been ...
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Sleep Paralysis?

I didn't know whether to post this in the sleep disorder forum but I thought seeing as it's an isolated incident I would post it here and I've just read that it is thought to occur slightly more in people with mental health issues such as bipolar, ptsd or personality disorders. (I have 'suspected' BPD and currently awaiting treatment.)
Last night, I believe I experienced 'sleep paralysis'. I had lots of crazy dreams last ...
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Have you watched Malecifent?

I was wondering if you watched the movie Maleficent? Do you think that the character displays certain features of a person with BPD? She is very vindicative, acts impulsively and angry when she feels threatened, divides people into "all good" and "all bad". The explanation given is that she became like this because she had her heary broken by her love. I tend to agree that people may go mad, develop depression or do stupid ...
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LOVE or BPD? How to know?

Dear All,

months ago I have started here the saga of my latest disaster. Obviously, I had met a man.
I am a very high functioning, recovered (am I?) BPD. I am smart, have kids and a companion with whom I share the house chores, the kids, but no love. Non love for over 4 years, no connection, no sex. We are friends.

4 years in which I have been barren and dry. I shut ...
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AMAZING: I fast tracked brain rewiring

I hooked up my creativity and empathy circuit after reading a chapter on mindfulness for bpd.

I was already on 100mg sertraline and .5mg risperidone I had to double my risperidone for two days once doing this.
Do not do this if you are in a stressful phase! !

moderate mindfulness experience 3 to 6 months
An anti psychotic such as seroquel or risperidone.

Lay down comfortably and close your eyes.
Do ten minutes ...
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My inner voice changes?

I've been diagnosed with major depression and borderline personality disorder, my psychologist and I don't know if my dissociation is severe yet. Although, I think it was pretty bad when I was a child. I have frequent episodes of depersonalization/derealization.

Anyway, my inner voice, or conscience, narrator, whatever you want to call it changes. It never sounds like a mans voice (I'm a girl) but the pitch changes. There's two distinct voices and they both ...
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Obsessing about people you're attracted to

I wondered if anybody else here had ever gone through anything like this?

I've not been diagnosed with full blown BPD, but have been given a diagnosis of having some of the traits. Was also diagnosed with OCD in 2011, after first being told I likely had this in 2009 by a therapist. This obsession issue has been a problem of mine since I was a teenager, and still impacts on my life negatively now. ...
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Hallucintations and manipulation?

Hey, new to this forum. To give some background, my boyfriend (of two years) has been having hallucinations for about the past six months. We think he has BPD and fits many of the symptoms very closely. He has seen a psychiatrist and was started on an SSRI and a mood stabilizer, which might have helped some depression, but not the hallucinations. The people that he sees are very real to him and can scare ...
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Does anyone here feel as if they are constantly angry? I have a whole lot of anger and frustration inside me, so much so that my happy moods are few and far between. I'm irritable all day, everyday. I have no patience. I cant handle multiple irritants. Ex: If my dog has an accident on my floor then I spill a drink all over while someone is talking to me I will probably start screaming ...
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