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Can someone be too smart for school and too dumb for a job?

So i recently started to work again (since i'm masochistic ig?) and thinking of quitting next week. As usual, everyone thinks i'm a retard and i started to think maybe i really am not smart enough? I've always been called very smart at school and never understood that either :? I'm just very good at memorizing things like formulas, that doesn't necessarily mean someone is smart? Anyway, ...
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AS boyfriend, I need advice, I'm desperate here

I am in a 4 month relationship, he's extremely smart, I love him dearly, but I don't know how to cope with him being so brutally honest and shutting down especially with me, I suffer from depression and I am an introvert, I think that's why he's opened up a little bit with me, I hate social gatherings and in that sense we get along great, he's affectionate most of the times, but it seems ...
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Asperger and Empathy

Based on hindsights from Seabreeze, wondering if many of you guys feel like they're feeling people's emotions too intensely - as opposed to the commonly held view on Asperger ?

And I'm curious how many of you who identifies with the criterion above also identifies with being a MBTI feeling type ?
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Would you rule out Asperger, or is it a possibility for me?

Hello, everyone

This might get a bit long, so I'll start by saying that I have been trying to find "what do I have" for a really, really long time. Some people might call them simple "labels", but for me it's a lot more important, it's like a way to get some validation, I can't really explain it. Also, I'm well aware that I can only be diagnosed in person by a health professional, but ...
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Should i see a professional?


First of all I'm new on this page and I just came here looking for help and advice but not for an actual diagnosis.

So now to the actual topic. I'm a teenage girl and I think I might have asperger's syndrome since my older brother has been diagnosed as one and my younger brother is in the process of being diagnosed. My passed father was most likely an asperger himself but I can't ...
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Can someone have Aspergers and meet the criteria for ASPD?

I have Aspergers. I saw a psychiatrist and he told me I met the criteria for NPD and that I hate strong BPD and schizoid tendencies. I was curious if someone with Aspergers could be "psychopath" or a "sociopath" (i.e. ASPD).
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Is it common for people with Aspergers to be evil?

This guy was my sister's "friend". He told her that when he was younger he was kidnapped by human sex traffickers and that he escaped. He claimed that he worked at an accounting firm and when she sent a birthday gift to the accounting firm they said no such person was employed there. He said that he had beaten up a woman who was hiding in his truck and threw her out of it. He ...
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Studying psychology?

I'm interested very much in human behavior and psychology, criminal psychology to be exact. But do you think this is too hard for aspies? do you know any aspie that specialized in this area? And do you think this would effect someone who already has psychological problems badly?
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HI !

Sorry if my english is not very well.
I am female.
I am new in this forum.
i am 22 and i have asperger.
I believe that living a life having asperger can be difficult.
Its hard for me to make friends.
Its hard for me to make eye contact.
Its hard for me to express my feelings.
Its hard for me to not jump when i hear loud noises or when people touch me. ...
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Greatest (Asperger) Scientific Geniuses

I would like to present a list of the twenty greatest scientists of the 19th and 20th century. The list is subjective, but I hope that most people would like to agree with my choice.

Quite remarkably, four of these twenty scientists were suggested to have Asperger's syndrome. According to Michael Fitzgerald and Brendan O'Brien, "Genius Genes - How Asperger Talents Changed the World," Autism Asperger Publishing Company 2007, Charles Robert Darwin, Gregor Johann Mendel, ...
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