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Heart Disease

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Heart Disease

Postby sik » Wed Jun 08, 2016 7:49 pm

Last year i tried to fake a thyroid disease taking pills after having gotten a small wrongness in the result exams i had done but it didn't work. in a few months my thyroid got back functioning well again without any intervention.

i felt so disappointed i really had a broke down and i ended up in psych hospital for 3 weeks. that's fine but not what i wanted!

Now its my heart. i have small palpitations and feeling dizzy for no apparent reason. at the doc today, i have tried to exaggerate and make the symptoms worse taking other meds but it didn't work much. at least the doc gave me more exams to do and now i'm PRAYING SOMETHING IS WRONG. i want to have a heart disease and i wouldn't mind causing it.

is this munchausen? can i succeed? how?
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