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New Dude Here...'Hi'

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New Dude Here...'Hi'

Postby manbearpig » Sat May 10, 2014 2:22 pm

Hi everyone,

new here, of course found you on Google...an MBP support group is something I've been wanting to get around to looking for, since (almost a decade ago) a psychiatrist I've been seeing told me I'd never been 'sick' at all, but that he recognized my mom had been manipulating me emotionally since I was a kid (sadly, he was the last in a long string of doctors I'd been forced to see since I was 20, and I was about 37 when I 'discovered' this).

He was the 'head shrink' at the place that'd been 'laundering' me for years for gov't money, even digging stuff up and facilitating my institutionalization in a state 'care' facility, where you can bet I was beaten up every way possible.

As you can see, and guess, I've lots to say, and looking for all sorts of support here as well, as this same psychiatrist who 'fixed' my situation (or tried--he wanted me to basically turn my own mother over to him to begin treatment, and he and I said goodbye) was caught several months later cheating on his wife with the receptionist at the 'self-help' facility (Lifeskills, Inc.) in my city, and he had to leave town. This would be an almost humorous story in itself, but after he left (and likely because I wasn't going to act on his behalf and process my mother up to this facility for them), he's carefully avoided keeping in touch with me in any way...ever since.

I realize there might be several basic tenets of the doctor-patient relationship that might make it 'iffy' to 'keep in touch' with a patient who is no longer yours...and this doctor is now several (US) states away (long story short--his wife DROVE from their home in Utah to 'retrieve' him here in KY, several states away)...but he left me without even any real written proof of any kind that his 'new' diagnosis even existed (I'm sure its on the books, but once you've been through this system, you really want and NEED longstanding proof). He won't even acknowledge my many attempts to contact him, whether it be Facebook, email, or even a call to his office phone in Utah (this all because his wife was obviously in control of their Facebook page, and I felt she'd want to keep him from all things from his 'previous life').
Anyway, believe it, or not, I've compressed this first post for brevity to keep things simple for my intro, just giving you the most bare-bones, basic story of why I'm here, but again...

I need help. I'm constantly having to live with the ghost of a life that could have been, and really, IMHO, should've been, as I was always very friendly, outgoing, even gregariously so, and ALL my old HS schoolmates who DON'T know of my history of institutionalization are always trying to catch up, but those who ARE aware, really know I oddly became almost hermetic towards those most familiar with me, seeming almost too quick and desperate to make new friends, in a way.
I'm functional, and have been in a healthy relationship (saving graces, believe me) for a decade (next month!), and have built 'some' healthy relationships, but mostly through my work (and I'm just a nerdy PC repairman!).

My mom never copped to all she'd done, even though her mom (my grandma) took me aside to tell me a little story just a year before she died, in an apparent attempt to shed some light on my mom's often strange behavior (passive/aggressivity in her case is stark, strange, and carefully-hidden as you can imagine...people have seen more actual live Dodo birds walking around).

I'll share that story soon--I've already overdone it, and I want to keep my posting status here as constant as possible to avoid overdoing it and falling aside.

Thanks for presenting this wonderful site--I can already tell the Brits are doing this right, as I found NO U.S. sites using a simple Google search...very sad...same with another prob I have, namely 'Polands Syndrome' (google it--a British site, PiP-UK, just published me!).
See ya--need lots of support here.
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Re: New Dude Here...'Hi'

Postby AlchemicalRomance » Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:26 am

Hello and welcome!

I found this site via google as well. It seems to be the only thing closely resembling a support group for MnBP survivors. The more details I read from others the more familar the more in common I see. I'm also a nerdy computer person (I'm pursuing a career in web development and eventually software engineering and maybe cyber security). There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on here but a great place to share stories and support each other.
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