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Need advice please

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Re: Need advice please

Postby mistermister » Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:28 am

It has been almist three years since my original post. So much has happened that is so awful that it would fill thousands of pages of anecdotes. There are now two little girls, one almost three, the other one year. Just more of the same- the husbsnd complains about his wifes many unending illnesses- each one more absurd than the previous one. Two cute little girls that are not loved as they should be. The husband is getting tired of this as it is natirally taking a toll. Neither girls are thriving physically or behaviorally and we have failed to make any progress on bhalf of their welfare. These girls now live their life isolated with their mother 24/7- the dad is rarely around he is always at work late and badically avoiding them all. He is extremely protective of his wife and all the bizarre tales she tells. However this entire time that all this was happening his brother - the only one who will maybe listen to-- was not on bosrd with the idea that all this was abuse. Finally he saw it with his own eyes and came to hus own conclusion and he believes he has enough proof to go to child protective services finally and make a case. What prompted this? In just the last week and a half the three year old has been to the emergency room for severe burns to the bottom of her feet (according to the mother the dr ssid the girl can not walk for the next seven days), also had an infected cut on her knee. In the last three days the one year old has been to the urgent care twice and emergency room once. The mother claimed that ghe baby was acting erratic and had 102 fever. Claimed she had meningitis and potential blood poisoning. They performed a spinal tap plus many other tests. In the past 4 months yhe one year old was dropped and had facial bruising and had to have an mri. She is also kne year old, is unable to eat solids, does not walk, is underweighr and has thrush. There is much more where this came from. The dad is never there when these events happen. Not even this weekend when she had the spinal tap did ge go to thd hospital. The husband/dad is a close family member who tells me and my husband these kinds of horrific things about his family on a weekly basis and it is more and more each week--but when we have questioned it or react in shock and sadness and concern, he acts like everythinv is fine snd his wife is doing an anazing job and puts her on the phone to explain what happened. She is always so happy to tell us these terrible news of her kids injuries.

-- Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:32 am --

Also forgot to explain that they could not find anything wrong with thd baby at the hospital-- no meningitis etc.
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Re: Need advice please

Postby Terry E. » Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:43 am

It needs to be reported. Put as much detail as you can, but unless action is taken it just gets worse.

It is like a drug, the same high cannot be reached unless the dosage is raised. So too my fear with this.

be ready for all hell to break loose, but something needs reporting.

Good luck,stay strong, I wish I could do more.
Terry E.
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