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Having An Emotional Day *Maybe Tiggering*

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Having An Emotional Day *Maybe Tiggering*

Postby GrayWolf » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:58 pm

Hello Everyone
I got my things out of storage a couple days ago after having them in storage for a year so I started to unpack some of it today. I had to stop with how I was getting too emotional over it with how some things had belonged to my mum or my gamma or my favorite uncle. And they all passed away so unpacking everything was making me emotional. Somethings are staying packed for now with how they are either for Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas. And we are only in July so they aren't being unpacked just yet. I did as much as I could I worked on the boxes and bags from 11am-2:30pm I called a friend and talked to them for a while about how I was feeling. I also talked with my husband he told me that I can work on it more tomorrow or the weekend with how there is no rush.
My roommate whom isn't even suppose to be here that is to move out this weekend heard me and my husband talking about how I'm done unpacking things for today. Well they told me that it all has to get done today that it doesn't matter if I'm getting emotional or not. That I have to get it all done today not tomorrow not this weekend that it has to be done today. We told them to butt out that it's not up to them when it gets done. I told them unlike you I'm not the one that has to be out this weekend I'm here for good so I have plenty of time to unpack what's in my office. They said well you need to get it done today because I need the empty boxes.
We told them that it will get done when it gets done that they had a month to get empty boxes and pack their things. That we had offered more than once to take them to the store to get empty boxes with how most stores will give you their empty boxes. I told them when my mum passed away last year my brother, sister and a friend of ours had everything packed and sorted in to what we were keeping and donating in a few days. And when my gamma died in 2000 we had a whole apartment including the furniture from 4 bedrooms to move in a week. And we got it all done in a week and you have had a month and your not even done yet. You should have been done by now that we also had everything packed with in a month when we moved away from my hometown. So they can just mind their own business and let me unpack at my own speed.
That it's my belongings not theirs so I'll unpack my things as fast or as slow as I want to unpack them that they don't get to say how fast or slow I unpack. That they are to move out this weekend that they should have been packed and ready to move out already.
I live with PTSD, DID, OCD, Bi Polar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Sever Chronic Depression, Insomnia and Anorexia I have my good days and my bad days with everything and I love how my husband is very supportive, kind, helpful, understanding and above all else he is very loving
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