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IED & Personality Disorders

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IED & Personality Disorders

Postby connector122001 » Tue Jul 12, 2011 5:51 pm

Before being put on SSRIs and mood stabilizers, I used to have outrageous anger reactions to seemingly only slightly irritating things. I would get so mad that I'd black out/faint as a result. It was a terrible, uncontrollable feeling and I'm glad my mood has mellowed in recent years. Anyway, I'm a diagnosed mixed borderline/narcissistic personality disorder. Intense anger with little provocation can be a facet of BPD. I'm just wondering whether any of you with IED have comorbid personality disorders. I can imagine it being comorbid not only with BPD but with NPD and AsPD as well. Thanks.
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Mixed Personality Disorder (Narcissistic and Borderline features)
Social Phobia
Have had in the past: Bulimia, Self-injury, Depression, Drug Abuse

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