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new scared member. sudden severe insomnia

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new scared member. sudden severe insomnia

Postby lilyxx » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:47 am

Hi All,

I am new here, and also new to Insomnia (sorry, if my Englisch is not perfect, but I am not an native Englisch speaker)

Two months ago my insomnia started with one or two nights with 0 sleep. I attributed it to some stress, but slept 10 hours the following day.
This progressed to not sleeping at all anymore since 4 weeks! Sometimes I fall asleep for 15 minutes or so (REM-sleep immediately, because I dream then).

I have a stressful job, but I like it a lot, and only work 3 days a week. If my job is causing this, I will look for a more relaxed job, but how can I quit my job if I don't know the cause. What to do?

I tried al sleep hygiëne rules, all natural supplements (melatonin, valerian, gaba etc). Nothing works. The doctor put me on Temazepam, Ambien and Seroquel (not to take together, but to see what works best). Only Temazepam can help me fall asleep, but only for 3 hours.

I Always was a very good sleeper before this (8 to 9 hours a night without interuption). This is sooo scary for me! What is going on.

My doc sent me to the endo for hormonal bloodtests, but she doesn't think it is hormonal. She did send me to the cardiologist because of an irregular heartbeat. THis could be a result of the insomnia. So I feel slowly my body getting very sick en exhausted and nothing I can do.

Anyone any advice?

Gr. Lily
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Re: new scared member. sudden severe insomnia

Postby eterea107 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:25 am

Ask your doctor about having a sleep study conducted.
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Re: new scared member. sudden severe insomnia

Postby MrHanson » Wed May 03, 2017 12:57 am

I know it's an aweful, scary feeling. I've been dealing with insomnia for 5 months now. It's as if my brain has lost all ability to sleep. I cannot even take a nap during the day to make up for several bad nights. I was never really a good sleeper before, but this is something totally different. I've always have been able to sleep during the day if I couldn't sleep during the night. I fear there is something seriously wrong with me.

Hang in there, you're not alone. Let us know what you find out.
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