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Postby dbar65 » Sun Dec 24, 2006 2:57 am

InvigoRest is different from Ambien, Lunesta, etc.

This is from the website []:
InvigoRest is an amino acid based dietary supplement which contains ingredients to increase dopamine and gamma amino butyric acid levels. As a result, InvigoRest increases your levels of concentration and relaxation as well as providing you more energy, alertness and motivation. Given that, InvigoRest induces relaxation and REM sleep via increasing your GABA levels.

Designed to naturally increase HGH levels, InvigoRest helps increase muscle mass and bone density while reducing body fat and increasing libido.
The product is at least worth a try - there's a sample online.
I use it and it works great, unlike Ambien. InvigoRest works FAST!

For me, personally, Ambien doesn't work and costs over $100 a bottle! InvigoRest is MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE!!
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