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Depressed or just unhappy with life?

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Depressed or just unhappy with life?

Postby youngconfused » Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:55 am

Firstly, I understand that here is not a place for a formal diagnosis. I have a doctor appointment in the near future to whom I have seen in the past for ADD. I've done some research into what is know as "atypical depression," which usually manifests with the following symptoms:

Depressed mood often lasts for years, starting in teens or twenties.
Mild to moderate depressed mood comes and goes in cycles.
Depressed mood can lift during the depressive phase, though only temporarily.
Decreased energy level, often feeling physically lethargic, at times feeling unable to move.
Increased sleep time (given the chance), sometimes with trouble falling asleep as well.
Increased appetite, often with cravings for sweets, chocolates or carbohydrates.
Increased emotional sensitivity to personal slights, criticisms, rejections.

So pretty much going back to, say, junior high (I'm 20 now, in college), I feel like I've never really felt content with life. I've gone through phases where I've felt better, though never completely, and I've gone through phases which have been much worse, like now. Though most of the time, including now, I feel like I've just been doing the minimum to get by. About 4 years ago I got to the point where I felt life just wasn't worth the effort I had to put into it. Since then, things have gotten better, but I still feel like everything is sort of a drag. Nothing really feels enjoyable, there's just nothing I feel passionate about, and I just really don't have real interests/hobbies. I've spent most of the past 10 years focused on academics and work, with most of my free time on the internet.

My life is actually quite good, (I'm a third year university student on track toward a decent career path) though I just don't feel good most of the time. Interpersonal relationships have always been a problem. I never really had a lot of close friends or anything, and I always feel like people don't like me. I often feel like I'm singled out, and that there's something about me or my personality that just bores or distracts people, and I worry if people actually like me. I get extremely hurt from even perceived interpersonal rejection. I'm extremely self-conscious, and I frequently look in the mirror to see if I look okay. It sounds a little like body dysmorphic disorder, but I think it's moreso that I just think I'm ugly.

I've always had problems with oversleeping, and just a general lack of energy. This quarter has been particularly bad and I have not been able to wake up for class, even though my schedule starts at 12:30pm in the afternoon. As I said earlier, I am frequently in the bad mood for most of the time. However, the thing is it that for the most part I am functional and can get by, and appear reasonable normal to the outside world. My mood responds well to positive events, and I can fell well for parts of the day. I read an article about atypical depression describing some features:
Sufferers of depression with atypical features will respond to negative or positive external events. They'll feel deeply depressed or somewhat hopeful depending on the latest situation they are faced with. Their mood will brighten considerably when dining out with friends or enjoying a good movie. But when they are alone, their mood will slip back into the dark depths of depression.

However, I'm really not sure if maybe I'm just unhappy with life, and not really depressed, and that there is no cure for just being dissatisfied with life. It's hard to change anything when I don't really feel particularly passionate about anything to make change.
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Re: Depressed or just unhappy with life?

Postby EYPICSYL » Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:18 am

Hi youngconfused.
I was similar to yourself at around that age too.
Its strange to see these symptoms you posted relating to depression..Increased appetite, often with cravings for sweets, chocolates or carbohydrates.
These are the very symptoms i keep an eye out for which relate to candida(which was one of my underlying issues) which causes depression among many things.But i had not seen it come up much as a symptom of any type of depression.Ive only seen this with candida.So was suprised to see it posted here.I wonder is it related.
Do you have a sweet tooth for carbs or sugary things also?
You seem to have your life in order and if there is no reason you can think of as to why you feel this way then there is a reason left for you to discover :)
I would suggest researching online any physical symptoms you might have.While i was sick with candida i also saw several doctors and it was my own personal online research that lead me to recognise candida symptoms finally.
What i mean is that while the doctors arent totally useless i find a bit of research can sometimes lead to the simple problems that doctors wont profit from finding or cant prescribe drugs for(candida solution is healthy eating lol).
I see it as covering all my bases and i learned about alot of illnesses i didnt have also(thought i was hypoglycemic at one stage because of sugar cravings) :)
Ive since learned just how important my diet is and that an unhealthy diet can kill me nearly as fast as a doctor lol(sorry i joke about doctors,im sure there are good ones out there somewhere)
So my viewpoint about depression and moods is slightly skewed towards dietary issues firstly then when i consider that covered i would be considering general health and then psychological or chemical imbalances.
I would certainly say a doctor or counselor of some sort would be helpful indeed,but with regards anyone who indirectly works for/with massive drug companies(like doctors and psychiatrists) id double check what say theyve found using google or something.
Let me know what you think anyway.

Ps. i think unhappy with life = depressed for what its worth.Doesnt mean it has to stay that way though.Im 30 and my life is about to start as i want it to.Take the oppurtunity and do what im doing but 10 years earlier :D you seem on the right track so im kind of happy for you at the same time as feeling empathy for the feelings you have now.
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