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Postby erbie » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:25 pm

hey everyone :D

i'm new here and pretty much found these forums by luck, or bad luck lol i'm not sure as reading about this disorder makes me feel alot worse and alot better at the same time!!

basically I have had this problem since i was about 18-19 and pretty much had no treatment for it, only anxiety and depression which i still suffer from and also a 28 day stay in a drug rehab hospital for cannabis, alcohol and perscription drug addiction.

I pretty much fit the description exactly for this disorder, although when i'm feeling bad or am having major life problems i have alot of disasotiation (sp!) and episodes where i feel completely insane and a feeling that i'm not 'here' atall.
I am in a relationship where i seem to practice every symptom to the full with my partner and drive her up the wall!! because of this and my drug taking and other problems mostly associated with this disorder, we have had a really unstable relationship, although i do love her, i totally mistreat her and sometimes my kids aswell, who i get really angry with quickly and basically have a short temper.

Where do i get a diagnosis? i have been to my doctor plenty of times with these symptoms and all he wants me to do is go to relationship counselling, which i know won't help and is not practical.

I live in England, any help would be greatly appeciated!!

thanks everyone :)
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