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Can't Keep a Job - Will I Ever?!

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Can't Keep a Job - Will I Ever?!

Postby Silent Archer » Sun May 20, 2012 12:24 am

I've had four jobs in two years. The first two lasted less than a month. I supposedly wasn't able enough for the 2nd job. The most recent two are caregiver jobs for Alzheimer's patients. And I love it. It's not that hard, I have patience. It's good to talk to my residents and hear about their lives. The first caregiver job I was fired. My boss had quit, I wasn't given any training, and I was winging it in a facility that was horrible. I made the best out of what I had. I could care for 14 residents on my own, with many on oxgen and 2 on hospice. But, either way, they fired me when I did everything right.

Nobody at work liked me, except one person. She'd been there a long time and believed in me. She trained me the best she could. But no one else in the facility took to me. If I was nice, I was too nice. If I stayed quiet and did my job, suddenly they all thought I was a bitch. If I was late ONCE - suddenly I was a flake to them. What the hell?

So I left. Why? My boss said I sexually harassed someone. I didn't. They put out a new job description and barely did a dress code. Co-workers were talking about the dress code in the break room, one said "Some of the girls are wearing very...revealing shirts. We work with the elderly. There needs to be a dress code banning low cut shirts." and I said "Nobody wants to see that at work, anyway.".

Well, apparently that did me in. I came into HR (which had been harassing me all month when I was on time and completed my work just fine). My boss didn't like me one bit, and I didn't like her. The entire facility hated her, in fact. Which was hilarious. She thought everyone loved her or were on the same page with her or something. The caregivers thought it was hilarious to watch her walk around, not knowing what she was doing. I never said anything about her at work, but I talked to my mother (nurse) at home and we had a good laugh here and there.

But after that job, I had to get back up and try again. For some reason, the first job I interview is the job I always get. I put a lot of work into interview skills and appearance. It's easy for me to charm bosses into hiring me. But firing me is just as easy for them.

My problem in this field, caregiving, you get no say. You just mechanically do your job and go home. Now, where I am at is not hard. I only have to take care of seven people that are very early in dementia. But my co-workers are hen pecking me already. It's hard being new in a facility where all the workers are female. They are extremely critical of me.

I feel completely beat down on this job thing. I have bills...tons of bills. I wanted a job to pay for school. But I got to working and missed registration deadlines for school. So now I'm nearly losing a job I've worked at for maybe two weeks and I'm still not even on the waiting list in school. But I'm in so much debt and I have cover my living expenses at least. I had to move back home with my mom, FFS. This has to be the low point in my life.

I can't provide myself a living, and if I lose this job; what do I even have left? If I can't hold a job, there's nothing I can do. I've tried to be nice to my co-workers but no balance exists. I'm too nice or too cold. I get in trouble for everything. I'm starting to think I should just file for disability, and forget everything. If I can't keep a job now, how could I go to college and study for a career that I could never keep going and then drown in loans? It's insane.

I've lost hope. Does anyone know what to do?
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Re: Can't Keep a Job - Will I Ever?!

Postby Casper » Mon May 21, 2012 4:36 pm

First thing, move back home. I know it sucks, even with parents you get along with, but situation dictates it's the best move. It'll cut your bills down something fierce. So talk to mom, get her okay, and move.

As for the job itself, you're fretting two things at once. You're fretting your job and school. As you said, you already missed the deadline for school registration, so there isn't much you can do about that, at this point. What does it take to get on the waiting list? Can you still get on it? If so, do it. If not, get all your paperwork ready and apply as soon as you can for next semester. Then it's out of sight, out of mind. Just worry about the job issue for a bit.

You know what? Some employments just aren't for some people. You may do well at a job in one place, but take that same job in a different company, and you can crash like the Hindenburg. You just need to write it off as an experience and move on. I know it's tough to do, but you can, in time.

One thing I can suggest; just worry about your own work. Don't bother with the gossip mills or who has it in for who. Looking through your post, you noted that you weren't given training, the facility was horrible, everyone hated you, your boss alleged that you sexually harassed someone, and no one (including you) liked your boss. I'm seeing a lot of blaming of others, here. I don't know how much is true and how much isn't, and frankly, I don't care. However, chances are that your perception does show from time to time at work; we can do a lot of things well, but burying our emotions isn't one of them. So valid or not, you may well come across with that "I'm better than all of you" image, and that doesn't help you any.

So try toning it down a bit. Just do your job, be nice to people, and don't get caught up in workplace drama. That's my thought, anyway.
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