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BDD or just vain?

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BDD or just vain?

Postby frederik » Sun Oct 01, 2006 5:42 am

I have wondered if I might have BDD. When I was younger I was overweight and felt like the ugly duckling, but I have lost a lot of weight and become good lookig. I didn't think I was good looking right away, but I have got many compliments and I have realized that I am, even when I look at myself I think I have a good looking apperance, even though I also see flaws. One is that I am skinny, but with ''baby fat'' and not so much definition and muskles like I see on other guys, even though I work out. Also, I feel like my skin on my face is not as tight as it should be, probably from loosing wieght. Also, my eyes have dark circles underneat, my nose is slightly crooked, and too many moles on my body. I'm 23 yearss old but I feel like I look older, like 30. I would like to have cosmetic surgery to fix this things, because I think if i did i could be really beautiful. So just wonder, if I don't think I'm ugly can i still have BDD? Or am I just a little perfectionist? If I have BDD than what about the people who get many surgeries, are they also BDD? I wonder if I ever be satisfied or would I find something else to not like?
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