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Beliefnet by Cate68 on Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:53 pm
says that I am Quaker

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getting over old family issues! Home Town! by OMNICELL on Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:08 pm
Im not from a home town! I was pulled out of my life or childhood to early!

Im not from anywhere! I was brought up to the age of 10 and dumped off! I was not prepared, nor did I think this would...

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New by Jess8909 on Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:10 pm
Not sure how this forum works, however I am new, and just looking for more people like me that can relate to everyday life. We never know what people around us are going through, and that thought alone...

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Stress by goddexkye on Tue Apr 26, 2016 6:19 pm
Finals are coming up very quickly for school and I cannot shake the feeling that no matter how much I do, I can never be prepared enough to pass. That I will fail. All I can think is that I'm not good...

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Sleepless by TwilightVanguard on Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:47 am
It's freezing outside but my room feels like an oven.

I can't sleep. Today has been a rather...disagreeable day to say the least. It doesn't help that I don't have the energy to take my medication properly,...

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Modafinil by peaklite on Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:06 am
I've started to take modafinil

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Re: New by Snaga on Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:11 am
Plenty of company here sweets, webzine to PF!

Re: hey by Snaga on Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:45 am
Welcome to PF!

Re: jittery by Snaga on Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:10 pm

Kudos on stopping the recreational drugs!

As for the rest... hugs, sweetie. Take care of yourself as much as you can.

RE: HOCD or Extreme Denial? by AndyFlandy4794 on Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:18 pm
Thanks! I appreciate your insight!

Re: HOCD or Extreme Denial? by Snaga on Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:36 am
You're not alone.

I'd consider laying a shortened version in open forum. Maybe the OCD forum, with an emphasis on the overdue nature of your thoughts.

If you feel that strongly that you might be gay,...

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