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The path towards global economic reunification by highdimensionman on Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:30 am
It was the year 2011 I suggested to China that heading towards a single curency was determential for various different reasons and later suggested that the time was comming where china needed to hold their economic horses a little to muture and develop the mianland dynamics in a more sensitive way for the chinese people this is when parrallisation in the global economy became official. Very recently the situation has come such that the east is officially leap frogging the west hence the issue of the east rising above the west has reared its head as opposed to the inverse senario which many in the west didn't want because of the degree of domestic and forigen policy corruption in the west and how its been operating on to obsolete a script.
However technilogically in west run labs the west is still not doing to bad especially when east and west work together. Although I don't like certian despotic aspects of corrupt top brass western thinking and the corruption below a good mind is after all a good mind be it from the east or west and good engineers and coders are much in demand no matter where such people are born.

This all leaves the world and China with its current progressing economic might with a dilema. The dilema is very technically challenging, requiring of management evolution and most of all can only be optimal as people learn the full dynamic mindedness of one another and learn to respect love and make use of it.
That question being what economic dynamic should we be converging that is a good optimal.

To answer this lets look where we could get to by 2030-2040
We end up with a few key areas of interest which ill go further into detail and explain which dynamic demographic is best suited to what.

1. The Hexoganol hive cloud compute internet infastructure HHCCII.
1a. Neural synaptic technology.
1b. Arithmatic processing cells and future fast turing complete systems.
1c. Analoptic computing.
1d. Highly corrective quantum single task at a time technology.
1e. The server hive.

2. Orgonic progression.
2a. Universal tuning.
2b. Crystal technology.
2c. Energy processing issues.
2d. Spiritual progression in optimal syncronicity with the earth mind.

3. Light age technology.
3a. Optomagnetic technology.
3b. Opto thermal technologies.
3c. Opto neuclear technologies.
3d. Opto carbon based technology issues.

4. True ecological progression in scientific industrialised development.
4a. Working with a good enough understanding of nature as to make optimal use of it.
4b. Learning how to work with chemistry in ever more ecological ways.
4c. Learning how to work with physics in ever more ecologically sound ways.
4d. Convergence in engineering towards ecological optimals.

So with out further a do lets begin and yes this think as per usual is comming out of thin air as things do regarding creativly working with problems using a human mind so don't feel insulted or suprised all the best stuff of the future does come from the unwritten book so to speak.

1. The Hexogonal Hive Cloud Compute Infastructure

1a. Neural synaptic technology.

Section 1 cooking up the cells.
Todays current IBM synaptic chips are simply tiny square cell event managers that work not relative to processor clock cycle but realitive to events.
The event management cells are modelled on simplified aspects of the neuro synaptic aspect of the mind.

Such a system is generally very energy efficient and can recognise preprogrammed pattern recognitions of dynamic data extremly fast.
Such a system programed to work with a wider dynamic of pattern sensitivity can be creative in sense when say finding cool new recipies searching out specific issues regarding dna research data or working with a given technogy like say lego and building new innovative lego designs.

Such a system has issues regarding live complexity dynamics. Although such a system can be programmed to recognise you and learn better to talk each pattern sensing problem has to be...

[ Continued ]

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holidays over soon :/ by Nicky94 on Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:57 pm
So monday's getting closer and closer, and I can't believe I'll actually go to school.
I hope I won't break down, regress to a child, and tell myself I just can't do it, when it comes to it.
I've done that so many times already.

I'll just have to concentrate on getting there, no matter what. Even if I end up breaking down at school, in front of everyone, at least everyone sees then that there is no way I can go to school.

I just wish it wasn't so hard for me. If I could just go there and it wasn't hell, then my biggest problem would be solved. But it's not that easy. Of course not.
I HAVE to go to school, because if I don't, - well - I expect myself to finish school this year. Because I know I can, I mean I'm intelligent enough. I just can't accept the fact that my having issues is getting in the way of everything. My teacher once told me, "It is an illness. If you can't go to school, it's not your fault. You are ill, and you have to be cured."

But I somehow keep thinking that it's my fault that I can't go to school, that that means that i'm not good enough, not strong enough. Not going to school feels like failing, feels like I'm worthless. And I can't be worthless, can I?

I've been beating myself up about it. That's probably been a big stress factor for me too these past months.

I guess I shouldn't beat myself up about it, but I can't change it. There are things I want to attain in life, and I can't accept that my issues keep me from all that. Would make my life senseless, if I couldn't do what I was looking forward to doing all along.
So I have to get through it.

But that's dangerous aswell, because who knows how I'll feel after school on monday? Who knows what I'll want to do? I'm just trying to keep in mind that if I feel bad, I should call one of the people I told about my issues, so that they can keep me from the worst.

But I have to keep thinking, that if I break down (of course wallowing in self-pity and crying a little is totally ok, but nothing dangerous should happen) then everything is lost. And I have to fight (obviously extra-hard, which is unfair, but whatever) for what I want in life, so if I give up, I lose every hope of winning. Only fighting will get me to a spot where I can feel peaceful.

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Shoplifting by Lisaemily1 on Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:29 pm
Hello. I'm new to this forum. I have a shoplifting addiction. I've been arrested 3 times. I've been doing this since I was four. I just recently searched for real help. ( I did a CD program and similar self-help programs).
I recently told my therapist and psychiatrist about my problem. Although probably not to the full extent so not to completely disgust them.
I want to stop so bad. I can't even look at myself in the mirror. And my record is available to public. And it even affects where you want to live. No one wants to approve an application or anything else for that matter, to a thief.
I have been given tools which still don't work. I'm on this site for help. If anyone has tried something that helps I need your input. I feel desperate. I don't know why I do this. Greed, I guess. That's what most people say.
I have
OCD and anxiety. I welcome your thoughts. Thank you. Lisa

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-Self Help- is the answer... #3 by KINDNESSTHERAPY on Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:42 am
When I interacted with numerious human beings in pain their was a large group of them that had stabilized their lives dealing with mental illness. They used many different methods to gain the upper hand on mental illness, they used parts of what the mental health industry offered. They used trial and error with antipsychotic drugs etc. and psych therapy with a trusted professional etc. but most of all they used self control to gain the upper hand with mental illness.

Self control can mean mediation and or controlled breathing and or what they eat and or how much sleep they get and or how much stress they allow into their lives and or listen to music to calm themselves. Some clients even listen to music while they slept and or did exercises that was non stressful and other ways of self control to use up their -Free Time- which can be a killer for most people with mental illness.

Now if -You- were to have a method of self control and or self help that works for you then so much the better, why not try something that I saw work in a mental health rehabilitation work facility. Now most people that read this blog or use this site are probably living by themselves or with loved ones or with their families etc. You probably don't come into contact with other people with mental illness etc., so when somebody like myself spent years of full time interaction with hundreds of clients with various disorders and saw a self help method that seemed to show great results.

This self help method is -Free- and it makes everybody that uses it feel great and -You- can add it to your other self help ideas that use up your -Free Time- and there is no down side to this self help idea. -Continuous Kindness- idea can be used to combat mental illness and a host of other disorders etc. etc. etc.. My problem is convincing -You- that it is possible to have continuous kindness and other self help and self control and mental health programs use up all of your free time and other benefits are possible...

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Just Another Day by TwistedCheshire on Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:44 am
I wasn't sure how to label this entry, so it is what it is.

Today was a fairly 'normal' day for me, even though I woke up with the middle of my back sore as heck from sleeping wrong (it happens off and on, wake up with a kink in one body part or another). Felt fairly stable overall.

Of course, having nothing really to do, I thought about something. I've noticed that I start feeling a warm feeling around my sternum/stomach area, it also happens to feel like anxiety building up. Most of the time I can keep it under control, sometimes it's more difficult.

I don't get to see my person until the 4th, so here is to hoping that 'breathing to keep me calm' works as per my 'homework'.

Although, I also have to write a list of my 'triggers'. I know of a couple, but she says the list can be as short or as long as I can make it.

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