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Honesty, Contracts, Prostitots and Rants. Its a long one.

Permanent Linkby NicS on Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:35 am

I am waiting for the day that everyone becomes honest. I used to be a big liar, I lied about everything. I would lie about if an actor was in this movie or that one, about if my mom was home, how JFK died. Hell, the reason I stopped lying was because on June 25, 2009, I realized it had been a whole 2-3 years since I heard anything about ol' Wacko Jacko. So I ran to my brother outside saying he had died of a heart attack. 3 hours later, I go to say goodnight to my mother, and on NBC is a special report: MJ had died.

Its not that I was touched by his death (Bad choice of words?), but ###$ was that a weird coincidence. I've had lots of those happen to me, and I just play it off as if it was nothing, but in my head, I'm going "HOLY ###$! I DID IT AGAIN!!!", like I'm a psychic or something. Still, I had decided not to lie for quite some time, it was just how this, along with Billy Mays and Farrah Fawcett's deaths happening practically on the same day; that was just weird. But the reason I swore off lying was because the news droned on about MJ's death for 2 months. His funeral was hit by 1 billion watchers online, on TV and some hobo's outside the Staples Center. It felt like God was rubbing it in my face. "You lied and he died! You lied and he died!".

So, since I've sworn off lying, I've become truthful and honest about everything. Hell, that's how I got my first girlfriend; she liked how I was honest. If an outfit made her look fat, I told her "Yeah, try something else". Then it turned out she was cheating on someone else with me, putting Zack and I in a major AIDS scare (Detailed here: http://www.psychforums.com/dissociative-identity/topic63241.html), and overall crushed C... what a jerk move on her part.

Honesty before the fact could have sparred us. "I'm with someone else". "Why? Am I not good enough for you?". "No, trust me, your EXCELLENT, its just that I hate monogamy, that's all!" She told me her ex was still ######6 her, then THIS was her reason why.

I would have understood "I still have feelings for him". But she clearly did not! In fact, 2 weeks after saying "I'm not having sex with you anymore. Sorry" by text (C. insists I keep it on my cell), she broke up with her ex and started dating/screwing the roommate. Girls, you wonder where all the good guys are? You left us in the friend zone.

Lack of Honestly extends beyond myself, obviously. There is tons of material given to us everyday from Fox News. They don't lie about everything; in fact most of what they do is actually (surprisingly enough) Fair and Balanced news. They report on stories that frighten us, sure, or just general #######4, but 15/24 hours are spent on news. Or adverts for Cash4Gold or Cialis or that "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" deal. The rest of the time is spent on the $#%^ Jon Stewart and Bill Maher like to poke fun at. Fox and Friends, The O'Reilly Factor, Hannity, etc. These super-right wing shows that frankly tell more lies per second than Casey Anthony at a Shrek themed Pool Party. (Y'know, cause Shrek lives in a swamp... never mind.) And yet, DESPITE the fact that a good chunk of their time is actually news, most people haven't seen Fox on a daily basis. I have to, whenever I visit my Grandmama. That's literally all she watches, and because there's nothing else to do at her house, its watch that.

But honest shouldn't stop there. TLC has a show called Toddlers and Tiaras. They garnered major controversy lately by dressing a 3 year old as a hooker. Now, first off, I've worked in TV production officially for 2 years, unofficially for about 7-8. Yes, I've been doing this $#%^ since I was 11. There's a girl dressed like a hooker, were focused on that right now. Heres the link:

Now, as someone who's studied television production my whole life, I can tell you that the crew had nothing to do with this. Honest. They're probably just as horrified as we are. And I'm pretty sure no producer would stoop so low as to defend or create child pornography. But honesty clearly isn't in play there. Crew members usually sign contracts saying "I'll be cameraman for 2 seasons" or whatever. I had to sign a year-long contract to become a producer at TVCTV, and if I want to keep using their resources, I need to sign another contract. Thats how TV production works: Honesty through Contracts. They expect the cameraman to capture everything, and for the editor to be honest and show everything, even the worst bits. Why the worst bits? Its in their contract. They have to show fairness to all sides.

In the case of the little hooker girl (Yes, Pretty Woman, whatevs), the parents are to blame. Its not until a set group of characters are established in a reality setting that major, multi-million dollar contracts come in. You know how much the Kardashian sisters got paid last year? $65 million. Yeah. But, no, they NEVER do drugs. Honest. I haven't watched the show, but from clips I've seen, its not a recurring series like that "John and Kate plus 8" crap. Contracts don't come in until after the fact. Thats why there was never another season of "Sarah Palins Alaska", because she didn't sign another contract saying "Film/Pay us for another season." When the producers know what makes a show successful, they stick to that. Thats why Boston Legal had the Balcony Scenes at the end of the show, fans loved Denny and Alan just shooting the $#%^. And it stuck. Why? The characters were honest! And funny! And witty! And sad sometimes, when it was necessarily! But they were honest with each other! So when I say its the parents fault, its the parents fault, cause it looks like to me each episode is a different family with a different set of crazy (And keep in mind, I have DID and I'm saying THEY'RE crazy).

These parents may sign 1 week or 1 month contract deals, so the crew follows them around while their future strippers are trained in the erotic arts. (Thats all it is. Move on.) They are compensated for their time, and that's it. Generally, if there's another episode later in the season or one episode is so long its split into 2, they are compensated extra. And that's it. The show isn't about one family with one soon to be $20 hooker! Its hundreds of families over many years (And this will last 2 years minimum, guaranteed) turning their toddlers into... whores. Yes, whores.... look, what I'm saying here is that honesty could have stopped this show from being pandered to the masses. TLC is "The Learning Channel". They're showing a show about toddlers literally dressing up as hookers. How is this learning? If TLC was honest, they would change their name to something better. Less extreme is "The Reality Channel", cause all their top 10 highest ranking shows? All reality shows. Most extreme? TFBC. "The Family Breakup Channel". Or "Too... Flamboyant... Breaking... Connection". Your call.

Honesty, overall, could save millions of lives, if not these toddlers. Their parents clearly have issues, and instead of facing them, they're just trying to make their kids "PERFECT". My parents wanted me to be perfect, too. Then my mom beat the $#%^ out of me on a daily basis, and now I'm in college. And picked up a personality disorder. Oh well. Life goes on. A lesson the PARENTS, not the kids, the PARENTS should learn: Whatever happened in the past, its over. Trying to avoid it is essentially acknowledging it on a daily basis. One way or another, you are going to kill a part of your kid if your not completely honest with yourself. Thats a basic fact of life I had to learn at 4, when I got slapped across the face with a hockey stick for some reason. My mom was (re: is) completely schizophrenic, and still denies it to this day, even though her mom had it, her grandpa had it, his grandma and grandpa had it, and since I have DID, I (in a very loose way) have it. If not that way, then my brother has it. But until my mom admits there's a problem, I'm still going to have to deal with random angry outbursts followed by her daily glass of wine.

But as for the millions of lives bit, have you ever considered that Senators and Congressmen, including my states own Larry Craig, could be in the closet? And by voting "No" on all these gay rights bills, they're just trying to hide their own insecurities? It seems laughably obvious, yes they are. But they will never admit that, because 1 sentence in the Bible says "Do not lie with man as you do with women, it is a sin." (Leviticus 18:22. Look that up.) Why do you think the "Families" in "Paris is Burning" exist? Because gay people are tossed out into the street by their own families, and have to rely on each other to make it in this world. All because some idiots in charge aren't being honest with themselves. And with that, 33+ million people have AIDS, many of them in Africa, and in America, we can't find honesty, both in our leaders and in ourselves, to be proactively honest about the Gay community having rights, instead assuming they all have AIDS and should not be touched. Or worse off, be bullied until they kill themselves, which did happen, and how did we plan to stop it? The color purple. Thats it. A ######6 color was supposed to cover up something that could have been done easily, if the bullies asked themselves "Why do I pick on them", or if the Senator asked "Why don't I let these people have the same rights as Negros?" The answer isn't religion, and if it is, I demand its abolition. I know more gay men who are filled with Christ than most straight Christians who scream the Lords name in vein on a daily basis. If I am to believe that millions of gay and lesbian PEOPLE are being honest and are treated with such disrespect, and that's normal and sane, I want to be president, so I can restructure everything. And, until then, I will mock every closet case, in power or not. You aren't being honest with yourself, you aren't being honest with anyone. Thats my new policy. Deal with it.

And by the way, I was raped 2x by a gay man. I have 2x more of a right to defend them than any of the haters. You may now bend over and suck it. Twice.

Sorry I've been so ranty lately. But, honestly? I think you care a little, whoever you are. Were all here for eachother... so we can mock the Prostitots and Closet Cases. Ah, joy.

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