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My Understanding Of DBT

Permanent Linkby CrackedGirl on Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:43 am

I am doing a twice weekly online group where we discuss DBT and its use in everyday life. It is not a therapy group and I have never had DBT but I have picked up stuff from the group and found it useful. I thought I would share what I have learnt.

DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) is comprised of 4 parts; core mindfulness (CM), interpersonal effectiveness (IE), distress tolerance (DT) and emotional regulation (ER)

CM. This is about being in the moment and not thinking about things other than that. Mindfulness can be experienced in different way; feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling etc. And there can be combinations of these senses e.g. what you can see and hear. If you take a minute to look round the room you are in, what can you see, hear, smell? If you focus on this then you are not thinking about the things that are bothering you. Try doing an exercise by looking on youtube for a clip such as waves or lava and watching and listening to the clip to see what you notice.

IE. I have trouble with this. It is about being assertive and saying things like what you want or need and the word "no" which I find very difficult. IE teaches you ways to express your needs effectively and to put boundaries in place for yourself. Definitely a work in progress!

DT. This is about putting a gap between the emotion you are feeling and an unhelpful action. So feeling bad and self harming or drinking excessively. You can use all sorts of distraction to help you with this - take your pick. I find looking at vids on youtube in a mindfulness way helps but think about what would help you.

ER. This is about lifestyle and doing things to try to maximise good emotions and feeling better about life. So eating properly, sleeping properly, exercising and other be good to yourself things. And avoiding things which are bad for you such as drugs and too much booze.

DBT is really useful and can be used for all sorts of mental health conditions. It might be worth looking into. If you want to check things out for yourself you can go to www.dbtselfhelp.com

Hope you are well



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RE: My Understanding Of DBT

Permanent Linkby Rollinginthedeep on Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:24 pm


DBT is really useful and can be used for all sorts of mental health conditions. It might be worth looking into. If you want to check things out for yourself you can go to www.dbtselfhelp.com


Thank you for posting this link, Cracked!
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